Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I would like to officially congratulate myself on the greatest fluke of my lifetime. I have hit my 1,000 hits per day mark!

1,042 page loads...a page load counts everytime someone loads ups a post or goes to a next page...
But what is really interesting is the blue bar right beside the green bar...thats unique hits. Unique hits means, those are the number of actual visitors that have hit a button 1,042 times...

(Insert heartfelt Oscar receiving thank you speech here)

Well, I guess its only right now that I take a moment to thank you guys...*will looks to the sky* whoever u are...wherever u are for reading and supporting my buffoonery.
Its crazy to me, I keep on meeting people who just introduce themselves to me and are like "Hey, I read your blog." lol
Its fuckin insane to me. Im just a naive little school boy who grew up on a farm in Sarnia...thats a lie.
But for real, to everyone who has taken some time out of their day to write a comment on a post, write to me on my facebook, or just stopped me wherever I am just to introduce themselves and refer to the blog, I thank you so much, sincerely. As lame as this makes my day every time someone does that.
Ill do my best to keep the content flowing and the bullshit pumping. lol

Thank you again.

Now excuse me as I crack a bottle of Moet and drink myself into sweet deep sleep!

PS. someone from class actually signed me into a group yesterday while I was at the Pharrell thing. Now I dont have to do a 25 page essay by myself! Isnt that fantabulous?

PSS. someone shoulda told Pharrell yesterday that I was PhotoWil and Im in one of Drizzy's verses when he told me to stop taking pics of him. He woulda changed his mind then. lol. Dont worry Drizzy! I gotchu! I got us! (no


Jonny.Treeson said...

Word. Sometimes blogging isn't as easy as ppl think.

Stay up and congrats.

Anonymous said...

word i check your blog everyday
keep the funny shit coming... i literally lol each time i read a post

Anonymous said...

I guess i should wait to inform you that I check your blog 500 times a day from 500 different computers. Chillyeans have nothing but time

Anonymous said...

i check it 500 times an hour

XOxo - Stephie said...

Your blog is pretty much the shit LOL. Thanks for always having something to read online (:

nikita83 said...

This is the first time commenting but I read your blog errrryday! Blogging IS harder than ppl think and you make it look so easy! Thanks Will :)

Anonymous said...

So im not gonna lie, i haven't been on your blog since the last time i told you i haven't been on your blog. Well... maybe its cause you told me that you haven't put anything new on your blog... although you didn't forget to mention that you hit over 1000 hits. I thought you were lying... cause well... you lie a lot, just like how you lied about my complexion. Fucker! Anyhow, let's cut the shit short... i die everytime i read it. I get late going places cause i'm reading this shit. So please do continue to put up content that will make me lmao all the time, thanks!
- ClassicCass