Monday, October 27, 2008

And Another One...

I made this flyer myself...It looks a bit amateurish...maybe...but I really think it reflects the theme and concept I was going for. If you know me, or if I spoke to you already, you already know what this is about.

Hey does anyone know what the structure in the background is?

Everything is all arranged, my DJs, venue etc etc.

Unfortunately, once again, Ive chosen another very small venue on purpose to keep the intimate and personal atmosphere. I like social events more than big clubs and dancing events. And due to the theme and purpose of this one, my guestlist will be a lot more personal than the last. If and when you realize what this event is for, you'll understand why the guestlist has to be very selective. (This is not an "industry" event, just in case you were wondering). I'd be shocked actually if anyone knew what this event was about if I havent spoke to them yet...or maybe I wouldnt be. lol

Once again, I like playing the secretive game. Well I have to, mainly due to capacity concerns. So once again, secret location, invite only, and you will be notified of the venue a day or 2 before.

See you then.

PS. the event page on fb hasnt been created yet...just in case ur wondering.


BNyce said...

I wont even say what I think the structure is.. lol.

Its nice though for a newbie! I wouldnt of been able to tell.


If it's such a secret event then why even blog about it??!! ggrrrr

I don't know...I'm just bitter I wasn't invited....THANKS FOR RUBBING YOUR EVENTS ALL IN CHILLY FREAKING WILLY!!!!!!!!!!

by the way i was just joking!

can't wait for the pictures from the event though!


Oh yea,

flyer doesnt look "amateruish" either...pretty cool

Chilly Willy said...

to my avid reader, lol.
i know. I apologize. But like i mentioned, you will understand why it is so selective. Im not rubbing it in anyone's face, but merely to notify the public that Im still active and productive, with whatever it is that I may choose to do at any given moment.
Plus, its a special occasion, everyone knows im bad at keeping secrets. lol
this also serves as a reminder to everyone who's invited to not forget the date.

But you'll get it. everyone will. lol

morenitaa said...

louvre - france?

Anonymous said...

fa leesha aniversary?

Jonny.Treeson said...

Musée du Louvre in Paris... (I work in the architectural design industry and it was also featured in the Da vinci code)


- Set in the romantic city of Paris

- Dark, secretive, mysterious, monochromatic photo with a silhouette of a seductive woman in the background

- The photo references to The DaVinci Code/Illuminati which also plays on the secretive theme

- And most importantly the name "Fa'licity"

This only leads me to believe........ I'll keep it to myself. Haha.

PS: Doesn't look amateurish, I would say you killed it.

Anonymous said...

Is that the louvre in the background? Or am I not supposed to tell anyone? If so, just tell me I'm wrong, who knows I might really be wrong.

Chilly Willy said...

yes it is the louvre in france.

no the party is not in france...but the louvre is quite meaningful in terms of the theme of the party and who its intended for...if you know what i mean. lol

Johnny Treeson...lmao. u are fuckin hilarious...yes and keep the comment to yourself. cant spoil it all yet.
keep the guesses coming in tho...

its very interesting, in fact, keep guessing everyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh and it's taken from in front of the Arc of Triumph

Anonymous said...

I don't know you at all but felicity (sp?) means congratulations. Is there an engagement in the works or maybe some promise of forever.

Chilly Willy said...

wow very specific with the location.

and felicity has a few meanings...its quite the one you have...but there other ones do apply. its a dead give away if you look it up. lmao

Chilly Willy said...

ps. its not the arc of triumph...according to my sources.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

No lie, if you told me some professional made it, I would've believed it. It looks great to me, though black and white? I would try the sepia if you can. I think that would give it the classic black and white a little more umph.

Anonymous said...

How you gonna throw a party in Paris?
73-1 ratio MAN.

Intrigued said...

Felcity = State of being happy.
I'm going with the engagement guess and it's being held in an art gallery?

Also the point of the pyramid is the symbol for male and the archway is the symbol for female.

Maybe there is a new addition on the way....

Anonymous said...

felicity means the quality or state of being happy, a great happiness, an instance of happiness

WHAT is the source of such happiness chill will?

you just saved some money on your car insurance ? lmfao.

Chilly Willy said...

U guys are right with the MEANING of felicity...but ur missing the entire point. Lmao
No ones gettin married, no promises of forever, no new
Its quite simplistic. Come on detectives...what does the fa'licity sound like, what does felicity mean, how does it relate to my life, and look at the date! Lmao

Anonymous said...

Is it because the holiday is coming up? Exam season is on the way and it's your last semester in school

My word verification is Grasp Ho

Kizzy said...

Well to me it kind of sounds like for the city or maybe something to tha affect. Umm, I'm going to guess that it's your birthday or maybe your graduation day. I know november 27 is thanksgiving in the states, but I don't know what reason you would have to celebrate that. But then Jonny Treeson's comments throw me for a loop because you say its not marriage but i would also guess engagement. Then I would think its ya girl's birthday. Shesus! Awwhhh, fuck if I know. WHATEVER it is lol, have a good time, pop a bottle for me, and know i'll be waiting for the pictures to make me feel like i "was there" lol.....a sad truth, oh well.............oNe

Chilly Willy said...

these comments are killing me...kizzy, u dropped a few good guesses...def not marriage nor engagement. although i can see that now...
one of ur guesses is actually correct.
the name of the party should be a dead give away since fa'licity is a play on words.
the world felicity is also the root word of a more common name. lol.

it should be really good, im hoping its good, or ill juss quit on life! lol. i kid.
there are so many details for this party than im extremely excited about, but i dont wanna give it away yet.

lets juss say theres only one person that i may work this hard for. lol

felicity - a source of happiness...something/someone who makes me

Anonymous said...

well obviously fa'licity is a play on i'm guessing it has something to do with her given the definition you gave of the word is the city of i'm trying to put all the clues exciting!

Intrigued said...

Faleesha's Birthday!

Intrigued said...

Plus the file for the flyer is called Falesha flyer!

Kizzy said...

Oooooh I know I know which one is right!!! Yay me! Smarter than the average bear lol. Oh my Goodness I just got it, like really got it. You are something else William, and I mean that in the best way. The name means happiness. If that isn't some deep poetic type shit, I don't know waht is. Wow....thats all I can say...........oNe

Chilly Willy said...


this is amazing.
i love the comments so much. i love finding new comments every 10 minutes.
I love how this is such a forum of sorts. lol

theres a whole story to this flyer, everything has a meaning in this flyer, the louvre, france, paris, the effort and time ive put into it has meeting, the planning, everything that set...the guests, the dj's...

ill release all the reasons and logic and the master plan behind everything in a day or so...tonight if i get bored enough. lol

and whats all the wow about kizzy?

Kizzy said...

Don't mind me. Sometimes I'm easily impressed lol. It's just nice how seemless the things in the flyer tie into what the event is about, thats all. Plus I'm a girl, we're mushy. Not to mention I like it when people find different ways to say the simplest things. Maybe I should have turned my volume down a bit... ::embarrassed:: Oh well :o/

Anonymous said...

You're really bad at keeping secrets!

Memoirs of Anesha said...


But ANOTHER private party? When do the little people get to experience your greatness? LOL

Anonymous said...

So I'm kinda late..I've been slackin on my blog reading.. Hwevr, I'm sure the party was dope. I live in the states so chance of going to anything you put on is kiinda slim..but def work on your secret keeping.. posting a pic when it def says Falesha Flyers as the title...easy guesses!