Saturday, October 25, 2008

NYC '07

These are some pics from my road trip to Manhattan last summer.
I didnt even know where I was half the time. I read the maps and what not but didnt know where all the cool stuff were. So my pics may be very generic and whatevs, but maybe they're interesting anyways.
All these pics were also shot in the auto-mode on my cam, so they look kinda wack...this was before I even knew a manual mode existed. I only learned manual like 10 months ago. about a dorkus malorkus. lol
Im hoping I can head back out there really soon...its only a 9 hour drive through several 'the hills have eyes' type towns. lol. Scary as fuck.

There were a lot of pics that I took from this trip, but these are the only ones I care to show

I know, some of u guys knew I was at Guv last night taking pics of Kim Kardashian and are waiting for me to post the pics...Ill post them later...before my season 4 Entourage Marathon. I got an assignment due tmr too, so I should get crack-a-lackin.
Talk to you guys soon.


Sean said...

lmao dorkus malorkus...i was the same way in ny, i didntknow where shit was at jus walkd times square all day....good pics still tho

BNyce said...

lmaO....Rat Poisen though??


oooo... I LOVE certain places in Ny.. They have some of the BEST asian Candy everrr!!!

narrylikes said...

dorkus malorkus! you have absolutely NO idea how much this post means to me. not because you were "lost in new york", but because i used to live in new york, i left about 6 years ago and haven't been back since. living in cape town is great, everybody loves it here - but there's something about new york city that you can't find anywhere else.

one good thing about cape town, it's not as big, so you won't get lost. there are some great spots here for you to take your photos, promise :)

now to get back to the reason i'm posting this comment in the first place - thaaaaank you photo will! this made me smile the biggest smiles on a monday morning and i think i'll have to bookmark this post. yes, yes, i will.

Janine said...

Ah...beautiful, filthy, chaotic schizophrenic NYC. I miss it.

Great pics, Will.

J. said...

Four words: You take good photo.

Internet high five on your skills. ha. Im using one the Times Square photos as my background now.

And damn I miss NY.