Saturday, October 11, 2008

YUNG JOC @ Dream Fridays @ Guverment

Yung Joc was in the house last night, he was a lot friendlier to pictures than Pharrell was thats for sure. lol
He took my camera for a second actually to take pics of the crowd...thanks homie, I should split you some of the loot after Spexxx and Dre paid me. lol
Anyhow, Im way too lazy to post everything I have...I got a lot of hmwk to do as you guys already know...

lol. I need to get serious about success.

Hey Spexxx, you missed a couple of spots while u were shaving...Im juss saying...Thank God for me that I never have to shave...well...I do...but thats only because looking at only five hairs on my face is kinda distracting. lol

You guys dont even look related, you're lying Stacy.

Dont worry Becky, I got you. lol

Im not sure how you two are guys look like the exact same person with diff hair colors. I swear y'all really f*ckin does it, had us ninjas trippin', no luggage. (cue not that we dont take pics together...or its not that I dont wanna post them...or its not that Im trying to be secretive...its that everytime we take a picture fuckin face has to look like that. I look fine in all my other pics...until I stand beside her...dont know if its cuz I look wack in comparison to her or if its just my face...lmao...either way. You look for me...looks like I hogged all the unsexiness in the world and saved u all the good stuff...*tisk...the things I


nicki83 said... two are picture perfect! She's beautiful and has great fashion sense...I have the same shirt lol ;)

Kizzy said...

Lol, as bad as it sounds I think in your picture together she is definitly the focal point. You're not "unsexy", you're just doing what all guys do in pictures with their girl...try very hard to maintain the cool lol. Love all the pics. Beautiful people, girls kissing girls, potent drinks in plastic cups, and great music; good times written all over it lol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't worry, you'll be able to breathe easy in 5 days. Good luck!............oNe

Chilly Willy said...

lol @ kizzys comment

yea...too much pressure to look "good" enough when the girl beside u happens to look better than

lets hope i can breathe in 5

and thank you nicki for the comment. I concur. lol

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Damn that Medium be lookin' huge on you homey.

You need some push-ups in your life, or more Tremendous, or a mens Small. no homo.

LOL @ the 3 g's posting up with bottles of MIX!