Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have a pretty hectic day lined up today...well actually I have pretty hectic weekend lined up too.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the feedback and all of the stories that you guys have been sharing with me. Its really good to know that I was able to connect with my readers and that Im not the only one with these views. I guess the anonymous nature also helps with the issues of comfort for you guys when writing too. Whatever it is, i appreciate it. So much love to everyone whose commented on the last post or any post.

I love the feedback, the interactive nature and the discussions we've been having.

The pictures will be coming up really soon from the 4 events I have lined up for the weekend, but I will try to balance that out with some more writing when Im not planning for my party or TRYING to start studying for the exam I have on Wednesday which I dont even own a textbook for and for the Assignment due on Thursday that I dont even have the text book for either. lol I am truly serious about success.

Anyhow, I hope I havent set the bar too high accidentally in terms of our topics of discussion. Im always afraid that I may not live up to the last post (not that any of these posts are mindblowing).

Im not sure what to write about next?

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

October 31, scar me.

Nicole said...

Chilly Willy,
everything that you post is dont even worry about living up to the next post...

go for something funny...or post some random pics..idk lol

you seem rather interesting without having to try do you.
what events do you have lined up this weekend?

Karla said...

young entrepreneurs in your city ;-)

nicki83 said...

men (or boys in some cases) and why they are afraid to when a guy says "I want to be with you for the rest of my life but am not ready to get married" that doesn't make sense to all :S

seven said...

every single post is lame! i hate that you're my friend. you suck!....... ok i lied about it all. i check your blog all the time even when you're with me the whole time and i know you didnt post anything new! its the new crack! now get off your blackberry and finish that post you're on slacker! so you can get more comments that you desperately wait for lol.

btw, who goes to school? thats for uncool people. who cares about your exam! who needs a future?! lol

Kizzy said...

::sigh:: the subconcious pressure. It happens to everyone once you've had that, "They like me? They really like me?" moment lol. Don't feel like you have to conjure up things to keep your readers interested. We all visit your blog because we just like seeing that there is someone that shares our particular interests and opinions, like you do. So, (in my best T.I. voice), you can do whatever you like! lol. We're all gonna be checkin either way no matter what emotional platform you're on. I'm sure I can speak for most when I say, we dig the many facets of Will...........oNe

nicki83 said...

I change my suggestion...I agree with kizzy on this one!

Anonymous said...

I say you get off the blog for a day or two and put the bb down and BUY YOUR GOD DAMN TEXT BOOKS!!
Seriously Will, you have an exam and no text book? I thought my bf was bad for not having any notes for his exam.

But f'real f'real I say you make a post about butterflies, rainbows and bunnies. *pause

Ok, so. There's my comment.

Stop reading and go study.





Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to drop a comment a few posts back but I'll just add my two cents here.

I love love love the creativity and effort that you display in your posts, and the fact that you care about the responses and you are attempting to get responses in regard to future posts is cool...

I have no clue what you should discuss. Honestly, I would even prefer that you continue not to force anything and just let things come to you- even if that means taking a break just posting photos until you feel like you have to get something off your chest.

Either way keep doing you...

every aspect of this is inspiring

Anonymous said...

Will, you still haven't had any new blogs for the night... which must mean that you're ass is studying. Good for freakin you! Maybe you are, or maybe your not (perhaps you're watchin entourage), lol. Either way, i think you needed a break from blogging, although i wouldn't be surprised when i check tmr morning and there's a new blog you wrote at 5am when you should be sleeping. Don't worry, we can wait it out, no pressure :)

T-Maine said...

Post about how you'll be getting the Blackberry 9530....codename...STORM!!! You know you want it.

iPhone bitches!!!

And exam coming up, you ain't got no text you say. Borrow an iPhone, and log onto google, that's all you'll need. Shit, have wikipedia open as a 2nd page too.

Your SET!