Monday, October 6, 2008

Dumbass in

This next little blurb might not be as deep or personal as the last post but its guaranteed to make your belly jiggle, or your 5 minutes back.

So I have to take this mandatory class for my program, its a 4th year Geography class called Research Design and Field Studies in Human Geography...*yawn...its mandatory.

Anyhow, so the proposal for our research project was due last monday (the same day Pharrell told me to stop taking pics of him and almost stole my girlfriend

Ill juss fill you in with the research topic because its relevant for what happens later.
Basically I decided to do some research on why Condominiums are being built in suburban neighbourhoods. Condominiums are for high density areas and are usually characteristic of the city. Suburbs are usually subdivisions and single family dwellings. But condos are going up everywhere, like in Vaughan, Pickering and Mississauga's been stackin condo's like Jenga. So I wanted to research and study the trend and better understand the pattern here, kind of like the demise of the traditional Suburbs and the emergence of a new hybrid urbanized suburbia. Like whose buying them? What kind of jobs do they have? Education levels? Salary? Marital status? Family size? Specifications? Sustainable features? Affordability in the suburbs? Lifestyle? Best of both worlds? Basically, its my interest in the urbanization of the suburbs vs. gentrification of downtown Toronto. So my focus is on Mississauga (since I live so close to the resources)

Anyhow, So Professor Anderson starts off class in his British accent and says "Ill be handing back your proposals today and discussing it with you and letting you know what I think about it."

So Im thinking aite cool, chill class, he'll call us up one by one and discuss it with us...

It must be an ignorant personality trait, but buddy pulls out each and every paper and discusses his thoughts to the whole class!

"William? Ok William. I have a couple problems with your paper. You have a lot of irrelevant rubbish here. The first page is your opinion which has nothing to do with this paper and we dont find anything partially of use until somewhere in your last page where you speak about Condo's and what you want to research. The first page of your paper talks about the suburbs and a bunch of blah blah. Just cut to the chase. You have a potentially interesting topic but your going to need more info...Ok so your sources...Stats Can? Theyre information is usually old and generalized, the End of Suburbia documentary...I dont know why you're referring to it, and your last resource may work but it probably wont. Anyways...You need more resources...or you may need a new topic...OK? Ok, so Marie?...your paper reaks ass..."

Well, he never told Maria that, but he might as well have. He went on to tell her he had no idea what she was talking about and basically ripped her to pieces. Poor thing. This is why I think Waterloo (I think it is) has 2 week reading weeks, because of high suicide rates related to academic pressure. Aye.

Anyways, I was smiling the whole time he was critiquing my work...I have a problem where I dont take things in life seriously because I imagine myself as an audience member watching my life from the outside. And I would find this funny if I wasnt me...sadly it is me...but who gives a fuck. Its not like its the end of the world, its just school. In the end, its just a piece of paper that they hand to you that predicts and determines the rest of your life...maybe I should stop typing and pay attention in class now...aye.

All I was saying in my head is, I cant to blog this shit. lol
Its official, Im an idiot.

Excuse me as I leave you now to hear this monotone loserbag present and lead his seminar discussion of "The Collapse of the Integrated Ideal"...i didnt do the readings so Im gonna listen to him...*sigh...shoot me now


Anonymous said...

everyone uses condos these days, Chillyeans believe in safe sex, or no sex.

Crystal said...

Besides his belittling tone did any of his comments speak the truth? Just curious because sometimes I intellectually fart my way through a proposal 'cause I left it for last minute and knew I'd get it cracking in the full length version anyway. I hate proposals. I understand their purpose but I still hate them, with a passion.

The public display of condescension (word?) was uncalled for and quite lazy on his part. It didn't allow for a rebuttal from the writer (you and Marie) and who the fuck wants to talk to their prof in private after that happens?! If someone isn't afraid to spew obscenities in public what do you think will happen in the comfort of their office???

Hmmmm. I say, go back, give it a read-over and see what he may have been talking about. Ok?


nikita83 said...

"Marie?...your paper reaks ass..." lol shame!

P.S. You mentioned my city in this blog!!

Jenn said...

So, I stumbled upon your blog and noticed the stupid walkway from Ross North to South and vice versa and it jumped out of my head that, "HEY, THAT'S MY SCHOOL!".
I decided to read on only to find out that I, too will unfortunately have to take the same class and I hope to God that I don't get the same douchebag that you did 'cause I already had him once before for stupid Human Geography.
And gees, did he really do them out loud?!
Good for you for having a smile on your face 'cause I would have sooo left the class.

Janine said...

I'm probably going to get flayed for saying this, but...he really is giving you a real world experience. When we are in primary school it's all positive reinforcement and in secondary it's positive reinforcement mixed with a little tough love. In college, the profs are thinking, "these are young adults...the time for positive reinforcement is over. now I'm going to show you that sometimes you get your ass handed to you". Or...your prof is just a fucktard who gets off on giving potentially soul crushing criticism to fresh young tenders. Either way, you handled it well. I'd have cried and then keyed his car.