Thursday, July 31, 2008


"Dear Diary,
today SHE said I was cute. That is all."



After the graduation ceremony, we headed on over to a cottage in the middle of the city...

Gavin's specific driving instructions,
'Keep driving on Lakeshore til you reach the __________ buildings. There's an alley there between the two buildings. Drive through the alley until you hit the cottage. If you see a crap load of sculptures, you're there.'

So we think we found the place, but we're not sure. So Bryan's like, 'Im just gonna walk down the hill and check the scene.' So he walks down and yells from the bottom 'Yea, this is it. It looks like fuckin Narnia down here.'

We were only here for like 45 mins until the bugs started eating us alive.

Bittersweet Symphony

Without a doubt, yesterday was very bittersweet.

The Remix Project graduation. Hmmmfff. Like I had mentioned before, it is a beautiful thing to graduate and know that know you will be able to put that knowledge and experience to good use in things beyond the controlled settings you've become accustomed to. But somethings are really hard to let go of, especially when its grown on you.

Remix is definitely a home away from home to me (as cliche as that sounds), and the staff and students in there are without a doubt like family to me. Its really hard to say bye when you're not ready.
Thankfully, I will be returning next round as a Youth Leader in the Creative Arts program, its just a pity that it will not be under Bryan's wing.
We held the graduation at Revival where diplomas were all handed out, where the performers took stage and art was displayed. Although the spot wasnt rammed up like a Shuffle party, the amount of love and support that was given off by the people that did attend really did feel like we were over capacity.

There's so much to say but words will never be sufficient. So for every word I miss, let my pictures speak another thousand more to you.

Thank you to the entire staff at Remix for a memorable semester. Ill be seeing you guys in the next few days. Thank you to Mon and Seven for coming with me to show support.
A special thanks to Addy, if it wasnt for you, yesterday and the last 6 months would have never happened. Thank you for your help and motivation.
Last but not least, thanks to Bryan, your presence will be severely missed, but Ill see you at the skate park! lol.

the Remix bobsleigh

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mission: Exhaustion PART 4

So Adrift finally finished building my board.
The graphic on the board should be nothing too would be if you lived in a cave tho (no diss to anyone who has friends or family living in caves). Check the candy paint on them trucks.

Just before the boys and I leave Adrift, Bryan stops by and tells us he's heading over to Remix and that we should roll through if we can.
So I do. Shitty thing is T-Rexxx and Noah are former skaters and took my board for over an hour...assholes did all the scrapes and damages to my board before I was able to. lol
Oh well at least now u can look at my board and say I was cool based on the damage they did to it. Every time Noah landed on the board he stared at me and laughed, he knew my heart was sinking. 'Its ok, Im breaking the board in for you.' ...thanks Noah.