Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pre-Guvernment @ the Westin Harbour Castle

Its John's bday and he decides to be a baller baller and rent 2 rooms at the Westin Harbour Castle...good call.

My brother loves my car and offers to fill up gas and take me out to eat after if he can borrow my car while I go out...being the stingey asshole that I am, I take his offer.

Guverment was pretty nuts still...actually, it was fuckin bananas (not literally). There was an Ed Hardy bikini showcase at Skybar, girls in bikinis in hot tubs just splashing around like...lost
D'luxe was fuckin stupid and Orange Room was pretty live too.
The best part is...I refused to take any pics while I was at Guv last night. lol
I had my cam with me, but decided to leave it behind the DJ booth. The man who holds the camera, holds your eyes. You can only see what I allow you to.
I bumped into a lot of friends last night that asked me where my camera was...
As much as it is fun for me to be a photographer (or a camera guy depending on your criteria), I dont want people to lose sight of who William Nguyen is.
Yea I drink, yea I dance, and yea I can party with a heavy crew of people that I didnt accidentally bump into at the club. The guy behind the camera has a face...this is it. You're going to have to get to know me. Its not just "you know? Will? the camera guy? the guy from sole fresh and snl?" lol.

But maybe Ill take pics for you guys next week...maybe.

This is my introduction to one of the other crews that define me, the ATK. lol Its a name that we went by from back in our teenage years. We're all grown now and do a lotta different things in our lives, but whenever I get a chance to escape the industry for a night, from all the party heads and the glam seeking folk, you'll find me with these dudes.

Meet the Nguyen Dynasty. This right here is family business.


iLUVLOLA said...

everyone looks so handsome...

Mary J. said...

westin harbour castle?

Chilly Willy said...

not even. its just john. hes caking...and icing. lol

waylan said...

"The man who holds the camera, holds your eyes. You can only see what I allow you to."

true. wise u are.