Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Some people have come up to me in recent days and have asked,

'Hey Will, why do you only wear white tees and jeans nowadays, what happened to your sneaks, the colorful graphic tees? Why so plain?'

I take a more simplistic approach to my life and my clothing nowadays. I stay simplistic so I can reduce judgments about me ahead of time and avoid being categorized. I've decided to keep my clothing blank and clean, like a canvas. I'm allowing people to paint their own image of me; A painting that can only be rendered true once you have taken the time to know and understand me.

I welcome you to my world, my Willderness. And please, pick up your palettes whenever you're ready.


Crystal said...

gosh Will...why so frickin' deep? It's just a white tshirt, for real for real, simplicity is where it's at!

Dame said...

Message to my brother...
I am proud to have been a part of your teenage journey into adulthood! Even though I wasnt actually there when you became a man; I was still actually there when you became a man. LOL The orginal Lee and Carter, Ying and Yang!
Im proud of you my brother... "WERE LIVIN THE DREAM!"