Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Man, Im dying right now...I cant think of a caption or anything clever...(not that I ever have)...ummm...I really like this photo but it has nothing to do with any other post...

I guess I can just upload a bunch of pics of random cats...

Or how about I say 'Hey Falesha, if you look after Louis proper enough, he can look like this someday..."

"...a liger?"
"oh is it ever. Its only my favoritest animal."

Spexxx's BBQ

Yea, so I came on some real minority time to Spexxx's jam. lol It started at 5 and I didnt get there til 11. Its aite...6 hours aint too bad. lol But dont forget I had a 2 year old's bday just before I got here.

Anyhow, I didnt take as many pics as I did recording videos.

Nothing too exciting happens in the vids... but hopefully my hosting is adequate. lol
Enjoy it my friends.


So Saturday was an action packed started mad early. Falesha and I headed off to Yorkdale to buy a gift for Gemini's 2 year old's bday...and decided to get on a fat boy slim diet and bought ourselves frozen yogurts...

(and yea i know...My legs need to be re-tanned...assholes! its almost winter and ill be in pants soon

so here's a short clip from the bday.
I didnt really do any real editin but its just up so you get an

Happy 2nd bday Jalen!

Tremendous at 4am

I haven't been to Tremendous in forever...esp since I've started going to Garden.
But Tremendous is bomb for a few has all day DIM SUM motherfuckers!!!
and...well this may cause a lotta drama...but the General Tao is actually better at lie. lol

Mon, Val, Julia, Emmy and Justin decide that they're fat and that we should all eat after they leave from 'The Patio' @ Skybar. Being a member of Broke Phi Broke...its a bit difficult, but its watevs...I need to eat...and worst come to worst...ill start running bake sales and speedo car washes...*ahem


This past Friday was P-Plus' bday at Empire Lounge and I had the honour of documenting the jam.
Once again, Im not posting all the pics, here are just some important faces you need to know, or just faces that I already know. lol.

And if you weren't there...tisk tisk.

Monday, August 25, 2008

more ink?

So on Thursday, I dropped by my dude, Adam's spot for some more ink and color.
My arm already has 11 hours on it, and we added another 4.

Appt was at 930am...frackin frack...try getting out of bed for a tatt at that time and going to sleep around 4am the night before...I was nodding off while sitting in the chair and fuckin lighter than a feather from all the pain killers.

Mon and Seven came by near the end of the tatt to do some quick documentation.

Its not done yet, I still gotta finish up the inside of my arm, connect the piece on my back to my arm and a crackload of other small im assuming...maybe another 7 or so

And heres a short video of the blood bubbling on my arm while i was getting tatted.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Skating @ the Skate Park

We didn't skate...but we did take pics...*ahem.
Those white kids were too crazy...I had to sit out...and plus i only had 3 major wipeouts from a couple days before...and i accidentally did the splits while falling during one of the falls. lol

The night went exceptionally well...too many things to list.

PS. Everyone thinks ur the bomb like tick tick...