Thursday, August 7, 2008

Did You Know?

"Yo, I have a friend with a last name like yours. Is he your cousin? His name is John."

Excuse my language but...'No bitch!' lol

Is Frere de Jacques Smith over there or Will Smith related to John Smith too from Pochahontas times? No bitch!
(sorry its my blog, and Ill talk how I want. lol Some people are just mad ignorant. )

Have you ever tried looking up Nguyen in the Yellow Pages?
Let me give you some facts you probably didn't know

1) Nguyễn is the most common Vietnamese family name. Approximately 40 percent of Vietnamese people are Nguyễn's

2) 57th most common family name in the US (according to 2000 Census), as well as the most common exclusively Asian surname

3) 7th most common family name in Australia (second only to Smith in the Melbourne phone books.

4) 54th most common in France, a massive leap from its 229th-place ranking in 1990. 124th in the Social Security Index

5) 62nd most common surname in Norway

6) 1st in list of foreign names in the Czech Republic

When the Nguyễn Dynasty (the descendants of the Nguyễn Lords) took power in 1802, some of the descendants of the Trinh Dynasty fearing retribution changed their surname to Nguyễn, while others fled north into China. The Nguyễn Dynasty awarded many people the surname Nguyễn during their rule, and many criminals also changed their surname to Nguyễn to avoid prosecution. Thus, many people having this surname are not necessarily related.

So the next time you think about messing with a Nguyễn...think about his family tree and walk away. lol

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