Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ignorantly Idealistic

This is loosely written in response to the crap load of messages I received in regards to the Olympic post I wrote a few days ago.

This is not a rebuttal or an argument in any form, but simply me explaining why I think the way I do.
Yes, there are a billion and 10 things wrong with the Olympics because of what it represents...from human rights, capitalism, the western imperialism, huck schmuckum, yada yada!

But I'm that dude.

I'm that dude who chooses to overlook the fact that there are a lot of negative things that come along with positive things. This is not to say I don't accept its reality. Everything has a cost. The ends does not always justify the means and that is certainly not the point that I am getting at. Its Yin and Yang. There is good and bad in everything. I choose to see the brighter side and find ways to reduce the darker side.

Im kind of well known for being ignorantly idealistic. That no matter how much adversity stands in front of me, I choose to be positive. I am not stubborn though. I can accept defeat, but there's nothing wrong in believing.

You do not have to accept the way the world is handed to you. I do not believe in fate. I do not believe in destiny. And yes, I am an atheist. I believe that I can create my own path. Everyone has a different starting point, a different team that sits on the sidelines...but all in all, its you. Life is about what you do with what has been given to you. Do you cry and sulk about how you don't have what you want? Or do you act on what you lack and pursue what you need?

In my opinion, it is too easy for you to blame destiny or fate when wrong things happen. Every decision you make today affects your tomorrow. When something wrong happens, I will own up to it, accept it and move on.
But I do not credit myself with all of my supposed 'successes.' Like I mentioned, we all have a team thats guiding us on the sidelines (whether some of us will acknowledge that team or support or not is a different story). My success in the things I do is based on how well I was able to use the information and guidance given to me by my 'life coaches' (family and friends).

For me, life is about responsibility, learning and making the right choices. I have made many many mistakes in my life. But the key is to learn. There are so many mistakes I still have to make in this life and I refuse to waste my time making the same ones over and over again.

Life is a beautiful thing. Its too short to be negative. Maybe I am really ignorant because I wish that the world would some day find peace; that murders, wars, genocides, inequality, modern slavery, rape, racism, corruption, dictatorships, economic colonialism/ imperialism etc will some day disappear.
Maybe I am just a fool.

But is it really wrong that I dream of a better world? Is it wrong that I choose to believe change is possible?
I still believe in love, in family, in true friends, in loyalty, in dreams (although I have fuct up in most of these categories) even when almost everyone else around me does not. Its ok though. Someone has to be ignorantly idealistic. I'll volunteer.

It's funny, I sat in the car with my mom today, I dont remember what we were talking about but she said, "This world is a cruel place. Don't talk about love. You're too nice. No such thing as love for others. Dont ever think that the world will care for you in your time of need. Everyone is self-interested."

Are they? Or is everyone just self interested in reaction to how they THINK the rest of society is?

As much as I may sound like Captain Planet right now...the world can be better a better place. But it can only change when our mentality does and our hearts open up...change is possible.

I guess in a way, me even writing this post is for you to possibly start thinking differently. I am taking that initiative. I'm doing my small part to create change through a medium I feel is most affective for me.
Of course I know most of you guys will just think I'm an emo sop and just laugh. But thats ok. I understand that not all of us can relate based on our life experiences and I can accept that.
I am not great with words so this post may not suffice in changing your minds. This is why I take pictures...Its worth a lot more than I could ever type or explain with words. I want to show you that beauty and happiness could happen in the most simplistic moments. Don't take this life for granted, for some people, today will be their last tomorrow. Take some time to take in and understand what fortune you have been blessed with and share it if possible.

There are only so many hours in a day; there's barely have enough time to smile and love. Take that into consideration.

Love is won't run out if you give some away...

But you can call me ignorant.


be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

this is why I told you what I told you when I told you, young bro.

my hats off to you.

dp said...

What the hell are you babbling about?

You don't need a five page essay to prove to people you have a mind of your own.