Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good Ol' Caribana Fridays

Yes, good ol' Caribana Fridays...haven't been out for one of these for 4 years now.
Not to sound like a promoter or gas up my peoples, but fuck, if you weren't at Inside yesterday, I don't know where the hell you were. lol I ain't gonna post the actual event pictures because that what I'm leaving my facebook page for....but just so u get an idea of how crazy shit was from INSIDE niteclub, let me show how crazy shit was from outside the club. lol

The lineup at 2:20am...WTF! They aint even serving alcohol anymore!

I picked up 'Be' after Inside and we just did a short cruise through Yonge St.
We tried to capture what we could while driving...
PS. We all know what the purpose of a Caribana Friday Night post-up is, so if you were wandering the streets til 5 or 6am last night and came home with no numbers or even msn or Blackberry're

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