Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tremendous at 4am

I haven't been to Tremendous in forever...esp since I've started going to Garden.
But Tremendous is bomb for a few has all day DIM SUM motherfuckers!!!
and...well this may cause a lotta drama...but the General Tao is actually better at lie. lol

Mon, Val, Julia, Emmy and Justin decide that they're fat and that we should all eat after they leave from 'The Patio' @ Skybar. Being a member of Broke Phi Broke...its a bit difficult, but its watevs...I need to eat...and worst come to worst...ill start running bake sales and speedo car washes...*ahem


Anonymous said...

Ill comment since no one else did.
I made the blog.
I read it.
I told you.
Salty Balls? who doesnt want those.
Emmy got BOK.

Alize said...

I love their General Tao's chicken!