Monday, August 4, 2008

Caribana Post Up Game

Caribana is basically over. Its 5:11am right now, if you're still posted up on Yonge St, GIVE UP. All the dime pieces were bagged at around 2-330am. If you aint back at the hotel with anyone right now, just go microwave some vaseline! LMAO

And if you's a lady and you still out there right now...jeeze, ma, you need to get on Kanye's Work Out Plan and maybe you can get yourself a 'six-pac shakur' or something.

I just had to say something about the game or lack of game dudes were playing...If you're gonna post up near the starting point of the around Queen St. Get the ladies before they're annoyed. Like fuck, what are you going to say to a girl by the time she hits Wellesley? Like really now!

Lets just imagine this shit for a second.

Dude grabs shorty's hand while she walks passed.
"Yo ma, whats up? I'm the 800th guy thats hollered at you on this street. So what you saying later?"

First of all, that line should never frickin work...unless you got some mad stupid game or you've been blessed with looks from the Gods above *pause
Ok, so say she gives you her you think she'll remember you?

Lets just imagine this shit for a second.

Dude calls up shorty the next day.
"Yo ma, whats good?"

"Who is this?"

"Oh snap, I'm that light skin dude that hollered at you last night on Yonge St...I kinda look like Souljah Boy and Juelz mixed together."


Like fuck. lol

Is anything you're doing BRAND NEW?
Just listen to this track again mang.
No lie, I cant stop listening to this track still. PS. the track gets mad attention on Yonge St. Trust my words.

PSS. If you're dressed like Souljah Boy or still like Juelz from "Oh Boy" times...then comment.


barbie_louboutin said...

"...I'm the 800th guy thats hollered at you on this street..."



memoirsofanesha said...

So I started with the most recent...and I'm literally backtracking on blogs until the very first one. hahaha.