Thursday, August 14, 2008

Late Nite Skate

I suck at skating, I dont even know why I have a was an impulse purchase thats for my board looks really good.
Everything part of my board is pro...except the rider. lol *pause

Anyhow, I introduce to you (the readers), two new cast members of the blog, my homie Steve (of Signature Shears) and homette Addis (of Manifesto and Ignite and a million and 3 other things).

I dont understand how it was their first time skating and they killed it...ive been skating for 3 weeks...well 3 times in the last 3 weeks and I can barely steer. Well I can only steer basically, I can only skate in circles...who would enjoy that? Well maybe if ur a Nascar fan...

Anyways, heres some cool pics...sorta, kinda, not
and check out Moe's Bart Simpson skateboard at the end of the post. lol

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