Thursday, August 7, 2008


As promised, here is the video of the homies and I underwater...and random shit.
Waterproof cameras are the shit dude!!!

The whole vid was edited and put together by seven so mad respect for that dude.

PS. dont mind the off key singing at the end of the


Karla said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, dont kill me! Ah willie boo, you always making me laugh. Looks like y'all had mad fun. Makes me wanna go swim, even tho i dont know how too. I have been to a pool in 4 years! sighs lolol :)

Anonymous said...

this was hilarious.
WILLDERNESS, this is "ANONYMOUS" (*singing* why "I" gotta be anonymous) haha..
just like you challenged FUTURE with the push ups, i challenge you to a couple of laps in that pool
i win (which i will) you take some awesome pics of me for something i need done soon, FREE OF CHARGE.
you win, well lets not talk about that cause its not happening.....LOL
holla @ ya girl :)
(*note 2 self* do i want everyone that sees willderness's blog to see me in a swimsuit...hhhhmmmmm. i think i may have to think twice about what i just did)

Anonymous said...


be. (*LL) said...

That's fucking hilarious!! LMAO.. when I got your message I was like, meh, probably an old call center video.. i'll check it later.

this burns all call center videos.

btw - pause on 'seite' taping you while you were showering. lol.

nice job on the edit though seven.

Carla Lee said...

LMAO willy you are the coolest person ever... i love how u were posing under water haha... and the underwater screaming was amazing HAHAHAHAAH .... and ur showering singer was the greatestttttttt hahahaah... I LOVE U WILLY <3

PS: i want a waterproof camera :)

Sarah... (Egyptian chick that sat next to you in political geography and couldnt stop said...

HAHAHAH aww willy.. ur video made me laugh..and i love the singing in the shower.. you need to go copyright those lyrics "im singing in the shower" cause that will land you some hard cold cash.. HAHA...

p.s. I WANT A WATER PROOF CAMERA ASWELL! that sooo would have come in handy when i was swimming in the Mediteraenan Sea this summer! :P

Crystal said...

it's cool that you guys are singing 'just friends' but why are u singing it to your boy while he avoids eye contact and covers his body with his arms...LMAO!