Friday, August 15, 2008

One of Those Days

Bryan once told me that I have a power that no one else has. That I have the power to make things eternal and to freeze time. I can make one moment in time last forever. I have a power that not many people do.
He was referring to my photography.
I took in what Bryan said very seriously, and I have been thinking of it ever since he said it.
There are certain moments that are too beautiful to just be saved to my memory. Some moments too wonderfully detailed to remember when I get old. Some moments are too amazing and they need to be shared.

Today was filled with those moments.

Falesha and I headed out today and hunted for interesting book store and books. We found a few really neat and unique places. We also went for a short walk through Kensington.
One of the best parts of the evening was our marathon walk from Queen, up Yonge to Bloor, to Bay, back down to Dundas...She's the most gangster walker I've ever met in 3 lives. Word.
I'm smiling a tad too much right now to properly process my thoughts and emotions and accurately describe how well my day went. Hopefully my photos are a lot better at this than I am.

Thank you again for the Hero Burger...and another memorable evening. *will tips his hat


HeinzMoleman said...

I'm leaving a comment on your latest entry (my comment has nothing to do about your latest entry tho lol) to let you know i drop by ever so often to see whats up with your blog...again u keep me entertained and like when i last seen you and mentioned that i was reading u asked me a question, pause...and the answer is still no, (totally forget what the actual question was lol, but i think it was along the lines of "it's not too corny/random" nah man....if you were doing a blog about fashion, art, music with every entry i would've told you to stop that shit, cause that shit is tired now) but yeah ...keep up the good work..whoever did the header did a good job btw.


Designer Heinz (lol)

falesha said...

the pics look FANTASTIC (as always)

thanks will !

(and you're welcome for the hero burger btw)

Mitch said...

The pic's are great.

Gotta' say my favourite one is with the books as the focal point and one of the spines reads "Our Times".

Natalie said...

I love that pic too, I probably sound stupid but how do you do that?