Sunday, August 17, 2008


First of all, sorry for leaving you guys hanging for the last 2 days...I sent my laptop in for repairs...somehow my laptop caught gonorhea (i dont know how to spell it. Hard to spell. Easy to catch! lmao). Im not supposed to be getting it back for another month or forgive me in advance. Im at seven's house right now and gonna try to blog as much as i can before he kicks me out.

Anyways, if you were'nt at the Grand Finale of SFSC on friday...i have no idea what you were doing. Besides missing an awesome missed my greatest "im fuckin fuct" performance ive ever dropped. I think i was dancing on couches, passing out on couches, stumbling on stairs, throwing back beers and liquor, in fact the security sat me out for the last 10 minutes cuz he said i was being a jerk. lmao. fuckin photographers!

I posted some awesomely amazing embarrassing pics of myself too...enjoy this while i still have no humility. lol

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Anonymous said...

will. i. am you party too much.