Monday, August 4, 2008

Understanding Me...

I drove home from the Rick Ross party during sunrise yesterday.
Maybe it's the fact that theres barely any traffic on the Gardiner at 530am or maybe its the way the sky was lit in a deep blue shade and the way it reflects on the glass-infested skyline. Maybe it was the calm breeze and the feeling of freedom when you can drive without a roof and feel no sort of confinement. Maybe its the open space all around me that opens my mind a little.

I don't have a cool way of saying this, but I love Toronto (and the surrounding area). I have only ever left Toronto for 5 days (in total). This city is all I know. Every great memory that has ever existed in my lifetime has happened within this city.
There are a lot of people who say, 'Oh Toronto is wack.' And thats probably because they're not involved with anything. Appreciation comes with involvement. Its easy to throw rocks and stones from the other side of the fence.

The purpose of my blog, is to show you what I see and meet the people I have (virtually, if you dont already know them) that hold meaning in my life and in this city. I have been blessed with a hobby that has taken me to some pretty cool places and met some really cool people. My job with this blog is to educate and open your eyes to what is in front of you. All of the "Where Is This" posts aren't just pics I take of places that I think are cool, it's me indirectly making you more aware of you're city. I am indirectly trying to make you pay attention to your surroundings and become familiar with 'your home'. Toronto is not only what you see on a postcard. Even the events that I post on this blog are not just parties, most of the events have to do with creating a stronger and well knit city. The same is to be said about the people that I blog about.

I want you to see what I see, one frame at a time and feel what I feel, one heart beat at a time.

Originally, I wanted my blog to be something cool and fun and about gadgets and fashion, but I found it more fitting to myself to use it as a window into my life and my mind. Yes, I do leave myself more vulnerable to the public. But its ok. I want you guys to see who William Nguyen really is. I am beyond the flashing lights in the club, the fun parties, the high profile friends, the crapload of facebook albums, the girls, glitz and glam. Not to gas myself, but I am a real dude and hopefully you will come to understand me with every other post I make. I don't hide my day's events, everything is here. I even tell you about my feelings about certain individuals and update you implicitly with women in my life. Forgive me in advance if this ever gets too personal or emotional...This is my life and I'm taking you along with me for the ride.

This is my open diary...


Anonymous said...

how can you take a photo of yourself while you drive? especially w/ the slr? + i totally got what your sayin'.... i love toronto too! Toronto's my life, i practically live there since i work there, go to school there, shop there & party there.


Chilly Willy said...

lol. its amazing isnt it? lol
*will dusts his shoulders...

never try what i did. lol