Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Highlight of My Night

After the Nike Party, we headed over to College St Bar for Bozacks birthday party where Big Jacks, Mensa and Royale was spinning. (Im still with Bry and the Livestock crew at this point)

But you won't see any pics of the party because I spent 12am-2am picking up Falesha in the east end. yea...i know, long time right? Worth it? Absolutely.

So we arrived at the bar again around 215am, the security guard didnt let us in cuz of the time, but Bryan got us in.

Thank god Bryan got himself a 12 pack and saved Falesha and I some beers. If anyone knows me, I dont hold beers or liquor anymore, I just throw that shit back. And that was exactly what I did.

The most significant part of the evening was the moment in which Falesha and Bryan finally met. If you guys knew the value of Bryan in terms of his contribution to my career and perspective on life and the value of Falesha in terms of her contribution to my happiness...you'd get the signicance of the moment for me.

We stayed at College St Bar til we were kicked out. And then Bryan says this:

frickin marvelous right? lol

Anyways, we went walked over to Revival after, where we jammed for a bit to the...I dont even know what kind of music it was...I just remember dancers with inappropriate dance moves that no grown men should have done. Anyone who was there knows what I mean. lol

After that we all went out to Garden and met up with Addy and stayed there til 5am...Of course the rest of the evening/ morning only got better thanks to Falesha's company. Let's just say, we had a very crucial conversation that really changed things. I wont get into any details because you'll all squirm...lol. But lets just say, my heart has never been so content while driving home alone. And lets also say I left 'Sunshine' by Lupe Fiasco on repeat the whole drive.

Once again...thank you for taking the time to meet my friends and thank you...just because. 


be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


that made my day homey. and it's only 10:30

sidebar: i remember saying all that shit.. but i remember it being a liiiiiittle slurrier. lmao

falesha said...

ahahaha hearing the tale of the magical wand a second time was just as good as it was the first.
i DID keep it, THANK U BRYAN!! lol

and lmao at andy in the "Nissan 1 seater" hahahaha

Random said...
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Random said...

Damn dude … “Even a garbage can gets a steak”