Friday, August 8, 2008

My New Workout Plan

Im tryna be a video hoe-fessional now, so I have a new workout plan.

Note: this video may not be as exciting as the one in the pool...but oh well. lol
enjoy it anyways. If the vid sucks thats cuz Seven put together...if rocks than I did it...truth be told...I put it together excuse the amateurishness.

The best part is the word.

And please forgive the random 'boop' with the audio...I didnt realize where the mic was when we were recording.


Anonymous said...

ahahahah oh man this was fukkin jokes...many more to come my fellow "lostinthewilderness" viewers...till next time!!! good job on the editing LIAM


Chilly Willy said...

did u hear how seven said 'thanks for will' ? lmao

Karla said...

LOL, you guys are nerrrrrrd. There you go with your singing again. and LOL at ur accenntttt.

And until then...

"Thanks to Photo Will's Work out plan, im the envy of all my friends" bahahha.


Anonymous said...

im high lmao...