Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dustin Nguyen

No, we're not related.

Well we could be...I have no idea. You guys may be familiar with Dustin, but I'm pretty sure most of you aren't.

A lot of people think that I am a huge comic book fanatic...not quite. More than anything, I am a
fan of art and good imagination and creativity.
A lot more people also dont know that I used to draw back then...I stopped a few years back when my life started changing (for better or worse), I couldnt stand the isolation anymore and packed up all my pencils and books. Maybe Ill scan some of my work some day and post it.

Most of you know I'm a big Batman fan and I refuse to read about any other superhero besides him...very true. He's well known for his work with DC Comics, especially with Batman...I found out about him while I was bored on the internet one night and surfing around finding Batman was probably a Sunday night or something, like 3 days AFTER my essay was due. lol

He's by far my favorite waterpainter and comic book artist and he's a Nguyen! Wooohooo!
Here are some of my fave pieces...

PS. This is a bit different from my usual photo or video posts. I'm taking you away from my lens for a bit so you can understand my mind and imagination a bit better...

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