Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So my brother Bryan sent me a draft of the flyer for our party on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th. He said its a draft, but I say its official.

Fuck, now im excited. *pause

In case anyone is wondering who October's Very Own is, its Drake, Olivier, Niko and Noah. Its a celebration bitches! Expect Henny, Rose and Dom P all night! Word to your mother.

The team (Wristpect, Sir Lancealot, Addy and Fresh) and I have been planning this all last week and this week to figure out how to make this a very memorable experience...thinking of new things and innovative ideas. Lets just say, we got ideas. Ideas...we got. lol

We've booked a secret venue in the core of the city where no promoter has even touched yet. No one has ever thrown a party in this spot. Some real high end, elegant spot. We'll have a backdrop with a photographer (yea...who will Will hire right?), invite only special invitations, your city's finest industry cats, the most beautiful women in the spot...but I cant tell you much more...but there is much more. Much much more.

Capacity is tight so we're going to have to be the exact same way when it comes to our invite list. No hard feelings to anyone who doesn't get invited.

Your DJ lineup? Only Toronto's finest. No boost.

DJ Wristpect and Sir Lance-A-Lot
Future da Prince and T-Rexxx

Shout outs to my boy Jason Johnson too, you guys will be meeting him there. If you need to buy a house, holla at him! Flyest real estate agent in the biz. Watch out Brad Lamb! lol

Ill release a video of the venue for you guys in the next few days...just to show you how serious we are about this. lol.



Ok, so its Tuesday again, and once again, we go out for lunch/ dinner whatever the hell you would consider a heavy meal at around 4pm...I call it Dunchinner.

I really wanted to hit up "One of a Kind" (pasta and grill spot on Queen by Bellwoods), but they always frickin close from like 2-5pm or some shit. Wack!

So we walked along Queen Street telling stories that had no relevance to our lives except to merely make us giggle with our heads tilted back. We do that a lot.

We never know what we want to eat, so we just always strut and stroll until something catches our eye or our nostril hairs. It was a toss up. Sushi or pasta? Sushi's nice because its a lot healthier...but I wanted something hearty...so of course, being the fat stumpy boy that I am, I said..."Im craving pasta."
"I know you are."
"Im always craving pasta."
"I know you do."

Whatever, she thinks she knows me.
We decide to go into this "traditional southern Italian cuisine" called Terroni...but I like to call it Tenderroni. lol
So the waitress comes out with our menus and gives us our water in a flower vase...? very well.
Besides everything being a tad bit more expensive than I anticipated...the fuckin menu was like all written in like Italian...like wtf!
Like the ingredients were in english, but the names were all Italian...I couldnt even pronounce what i ordered. Falesha on the other hand just said, "I want the ravioli." ....how frackin convenient.
Anyhow so like they bring us our meals...
So i get this gargantua nice plate of...pasta and stuff with spicy sausage *pause and peas.
And Falesha gets this giant green plate with like 5 pieces of Ravioli...the waitress puts the plate down and we just stare at it...we looked at eachother and just laughed and I said:

"Where the fuck is the rest of the meal? Did you order out of the kids menu? Do the child serving of 5 pieces of Ravioli come with a fuckin booster chair too? You are a grown woman...wtf is this? This cost 16 doll hairs?"

Like dont you hate it when you order with someone and your meal comes out and its so dinky and the other person has a whole heap of food? And then you gotta think...ok...i cant eat this bitch to fast...cuz if i do...ill be sitting here with no food while they eat...ill either have to munch of them or order more food. But then if you decide to eat to slow and pace urself you may end up actually eating to slow and the other person has to feel awkward and sit alone with no food. fuckin a! life is full of bullshit decisions!

Poor Falesha had to stop eating halfway...she even says "look im half done" and pushes all her ravioli to one side. lol And she pauses for like 5 minutes while i catch up...thats some wack shit!
Fuckin tenderonni!

Anyhow, nothing else really funny happens after...im juss glad my car didnt get towed again...cuz we know how tuesdays are...

ps. i forgot to tell you, falesha got locked inside the Livestock washroom yesterday...ill create another post later to talk about it. But i think im going to watch some Entourage now...maybe i should be doing push ups tho...its almost beach season...fuckin a. lol

Common/ N.E.R.D. Concert @ Kool Haus

Shout outs to Bryan, Ace and Dope-a-lot for the opportunity to shoot the concert. Unfortunately I cant post any pictures yet until Dope-a-lot does their review. So keep checking back.
So here are some teasers and no faces...lol

I also have videos from the Livestock meet and greet and the concert that I still have to edit and peace together. Check for that soon too...ok its 6am...I gotta sleep now...gotta wake up in 3 hours. Yezzur!

N.E.R.D. @ Livestock

Oh man...do I ever have a story for you tonight...its 442am...but man, this story needs to be told before I lose the hype and enthusiasm...lol

First of all shout outz to my home boy Skam, Andy, Auggie, Hektor, Carlos and Victoria (the Livestock crew).

So let me try to describe to how interesting the day was for me. First of all I had an assignment due today, but I skipped class and handed it straight to the department. And then I have a class where a group project is due; a 25 page paper thats split between 5 group members...let me tell you how I dont have a fuckin group yet! I think proposals are due next week and I dont even have a fuckin group! Im fuckin doomed!!! The professor asked who wasnt in a group last week and I didnt raise my hand cuz of pride issues. lmao

Anyhow now on to the Pharrell story, so Falesha and I get to Livestock around 4ish...its late considering that Pharrell was supposed to be there by 4 but didnt show til like 5ish. The line was pretty intense, running south on Spadina and then wrapping around and down King St. (I think i deleted the lineup pictures by accident...sorry.) But since I know 'Photo Falesha', we didnt have to line up with the 300 or so people...we just walked straight into the shop on some VIP shit (thanks Falesha). lol
So anyways, Skam asked me to be there today to take pictures. So one would assume, it was cool too and Mr. Williams wouldnt be bothered by it. Anyhow, Pharrell shows up...I snap...then again, snap...snap snap snap...snap snap...and then Pharrell turns around and says
"Can you PLEASE stop taking pictures...?"
Not knowing how to react except to be embarrassed, stick my chin into my neck and 'turtle'...I lowered my camera, lightly frowned, sat down and tucked my camera away. Falesha at that point didnt know what was going on yet.

So Falesha goes up to get my 3 album inserts signed.
"So sorry, I brought a few things for you to sign."
"Oh, thats fine." says Pharrell with his head down still, not knowing whose speaking. He then raises his head
Falesha blushes
"You're beautiful."
"Thank you." she says bashfully
"Whats your background?"
"German and Jamaican."
"Sorry, whats that?"
"Oh, German and Jamaican. Black and white."
"Oh, well you're beautiful." he says while smiling with stars glistening in his eyes.
"Thank you."
"Im sure you didnt need me to tell you that tho."
He stares at her during the awkward silent...he then signs the inserts.
"Thank you." she says shyly and walks away nervously back to me.

I laugh at her when she got back.
"OMG! That was so awkward."
and then she told me the story. lol

So basically he denies my photos and then tries to take my girlfriend away from me! Jeeze! Can an Asian dude get a chance?! lol

I aint mad tho, I would have been the same way if I was 'Pha Real' (I call him Pha Real cuz he's the truth).

Falesha says,
"I dont get what he sees. lol."
"Why not?"
"Its not like Im hot."
"It doesnt matter if you're hot or not. You're beautiful. Hot is a fad and only relative to a culture and time. Beautiful is timeless. Its nondebatable."

Anyways, moving on from the sap. lol

We stay there for the whole session in the store behind the cash counter. After awhile she decides and says,
"Im going to get another signiture for my brother. Im just gonna wait til the end."
"You mean wait til the end so you can talk to him with no rush of a line up behind you, you mean? lol"
(PS. I have no insecurity issues. Im joking)
"OMG Will! lol"
"Dont believe what he says. He's just a rich superstar with a lot of talent! He doesnt care about you! Just please dont accept the offer if he asks you to come back to the hotel with you. The last thing I wanna hear is you coming back to me and saying, you'll meet at the concert cuz your going back to the telley with Pharrell...I will cry! lol. I like listening to Pharrell, dont make stop listening to him ok?!"
"OMG Will! lmao. Relax."

Obviously, it woulda never happened, but had this been an alternate universe and Falesha did disappear with Pharrell, basically the day would consist of me skipping class and not finding a group for my 25 page paper, being told by Pharrell to stop taking pics of him, then him chopping my gf, and then him taking my girlfriend away! Wow! If i woulda just stayed in class this shit woulda never happened. like how much fuckin worse could life get! lmao

Thank god this is not an alternate universe...That would be one shitty day to say the least.

I might not sing songs, have my own clothing line or rich...but Drake does mention me in the 'Im Still Fly Remix'...lmao!!!

Fuck I kill myself.

PS. I dont care if you guys take these pictures. Im not a selfish dude..I only ask that you guys credit me or the blog with the photos. Leave a link for people to trail back here.

Peace and love and sorry for the damn long writing on the post. I thought it was funny.

Somehow, Lances eyes are still bigger than mine in this pic...wtf man!
Im gonna get a beard Bobby, you watch! Its being FEDEXed to me right now as a matter of fact.
Im on my Astro Boy shit...lol

Big ups to my fam, Skam.

Good job to Photo Falesha for taking this pic of Pharrell and the guys while I had to step out of the store. Bom bom!
Top Flight Security aka Andy...tired as a mofuckah after managing all the fans and the lineup. He also had 18 vitamin waters...vitamin crash I guess.

Mood Music

Mood Music, hmmm....how do I describe this? Brought to you by my brothers Spexxx and Dre from the Upper Echelon, and lets just if you're out and you for a "nasty grind", you'll get both the track from Adina Howard and the grind...oh I seen it. I guaruntee any dude can catch a wine still. Not that I know from personal experience, I got me someone already so I aint looking for any of that. Homie dont play dat! lol
But believe you me, you can catch a wine, and if you dont, Ill take your picture...win win situation...lol
I usually cant hear music for some odd reason when I have my camera with me...but they play the sweetest and R&B and slowjams...
Ask anyone you know...couples were still connected waist down til 4am. lol
There are more pics...once again, im lazy as fuck, check Dre or Spexxx's facebook albums. :)


This past Friday was the 3 year anniversary of Shuffle! There have been 36 consecutive sold out Shuffles! The place was rammed pack and the team was serving free champagne! How sweet is that.
Everyone always asks me, yo Will, whats Shuffle like? Shuffle is like an iPod on random. Anything and everything is played, from the T.I. to the Beach Boys, from Movado to Nirvana, New Kids on the Block to Outkast. Its all here. Sometimes there are like different a capellas mixed over completely different genred instrumentals...whatever...shits insane. Go there yourself.
Here are some pictures...way too lazy to upload the rest. I still have 4 more posts hopefully before I pass out...its already 4 fuckin AM!

Don't worry Falesha, Ive placed the order in...T-Rexxx is working on it *pause...lol

Bryan said make your sexy face...apparently I wasnt listening...
Then he says, no for real, sexy face this time for sure...I fell for it...Oddly...that is my sexy face...even though it isnt...*sigh...

I have never seen T-Rexxx so drunk in my life...holy fuckeroni

Not too sure whats happening in the picture above...but if you care to see what happens next, please send your credit card information to my facebook inbox. Im also accepting money orders.
Thats Mel and Lola by the way if you can't tell.