Friday, September 19, 2008

Most Tiring Day Ever... the day before this:
- 1130am - 430pm: I had a presentation at 1130
- 530pm - 730pm: met up at Ransom with Ollie and Jesar to go location scouting
- 8pm - 1030pm: went to Che's studio to find lights and borrow equipment
- 1130pm: met up with my boy Jason to scope the venue of an upcoming classified event,
- 1150pm: met up with Nebby so she could drop off my key pendent
- 1245am: I got home
- 2am: bed
- 4am: woke up
- 530am: on RANSOM photoshoot set
- 620am - 830am: the shoot
- 9am - 10am: Breakfast at Coras with the Ransom squad
- 10am - 1030am: headed down to LAMP to fill out paperwork
- 11am - 1130am: Subway where I fell asleep and missed my stop and was asked to get off when they reached Downsview by some nice young lady who felt bad for chinese boys in tuques, hoodies, who slept with their mouth open leaning outwards into the
- 1130am - 130pm: met up with Jenn and Anne
- 130pm- 530am: class
- 545pm: back on the train where I did not fall asleep this time
- 630pm: met up with Falesha
- 7pm - 8pm: Remix
- 8pm -10pm: home to eat and bathe
- 1030pm: pick up Mon
- 1045pm: head out to Guelph
- 1145pm: in Guelph for Entourage Thursdays
- 130am: still sober after 6 drinks...
- 230am: yacked for a quick second in the washroom. I was drunker than a mother fucker after another 4 more drinks and 4 shots
- 3am: Falesha walks my drunk ass out the club into my car
- 345am: I wake up and realize Mon is driving my car
- 415am: McDonald's Drive Thru for some fresh ass McNuggets...
- 430am: Mon drops her self off in my car
- 450am: I drive home from her house and make Falesha talk to me so I know Im still awake and not falling asleep to all the emo Weezy tracks on The Carter III
- 5am-ish: sleep til I wake up

...just not enough hours in a day...

fuck im sweating from all this typing...

Oh this is Jenn (red sweater) one of my best friends and this is Anne (blue sweater) the first friend I ever made in University. The first thing I ever said to Anne was after our Sex and Biology class...we just had a lecture on STD's in particular herpes and the whole class was squirming at in the hallway after class I said to her..."so...herpes is gross eh?" lmao guys suck cuz you guys already graduated and I didnt...* it april 2009 yet???

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MJ said...

the photo on the bus w/ the numbers on the bus floor is pretty dope. good stuff!