Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mood Music

Mood Music, hmmm....how do I describe this? Brought to you by my brothers Spexxx and Dre from the Upper Echelon, and lets just if you're out and you for a "nasty grind", you'll get both the track from Adina Howard and the grind...oh I seen it. I guaruntee any dude can catch a wine still. Not that I know from personal experience, I got me someone already so I aint looking for any of that. Homie dont play dat! lol
But believe you me, you can catch a wine, and if you dont, Ill take your picture...win win situation...lol
I usually cant hear music for some odd reason when I have my camera with me...but they play the sweetest and R&B and slowjams...
Ask anyone you know...couples were still connected waist down til 4am. lol
There are more pics...once again, im lazy as fuck, check Dre or Spexxx's facebook albums. :)

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