Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Get Bored...

ummm ok...first of all...i shouldnt have been blogging til 5am last night, cuz I had a group presentation on Neoliberalism today at a smart asian boy I woke up at 1129am!!! like holy fuck right...
so I call my presentation partner and im like...
"Holy fuck dude."
"Where are you?"
"I just woke up..."
"You're lying..."
"You wish I was...Just ask the prof if we could present in the second half of class...ill be there in an hour..."

Of course when I get there...he was already presenting and I juss had to jump in...and I said like 5 sentences and he spoke for the next 20 so graduating..."Good Morning."

Anyhow, Im sitting in class now and remembered that I drew these on Paint at my computers at work...when I used to have a
So if it looks lame...oh well, it was paint. I painted this about 2 years ago...enjoy it anyhow.
I gotta talk about my research proposal to my class now...*sigh


WIL said...

i can't even draw a stick person using the computer LOL

DT MUSIC said...

Yo I loves it
Big up!

Tallaz DT Music

Anonymous said...

I can draw better than you on a computer! Chillyeans are pretty artistic.