Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday thursday thursday

Sorry again for such the delay in posting. Ive been a very busy guy.
Ok, so this is a post based on the true events of last thursday...August 30...

The day was quite a tedious one, but the night gets even more intense. So around 9ish, Falesha and I head out to the Gladstone Hotel where a fundraiser was being held for a youth group to head out to Brazil.

It was hosted by T-Rexxx and there were performances from Ayah, Kim Davis and Drex.

Bryan was auctioned off for 13 doll hairs for a worthy cause...'he gets shout outs in songs, has his own clothing line and has good skin.' *pause lmao

I didnt take too many pictures up in the Gladstone but some of them are posted here.

Bad news, due to some technical issues I lost a all the SLR photo's from this evening. So we're going to just have to play the listening game without any visual aids.

After the Gladstone, Bryan, Addy and Air King joined us and we headed over to Circa where my homies Jesse, Tse, Akil, Ron and Blake debuted their party Sneaks & Tights. I had some crazy ass pics in there, but like I said...gone.

After Circa we headed over to Octopus Lounge to check the spot and grab some more drinks. And then finally after that, we headed over to Revival for the NY Giants party that was sponsored by the Meaning of Dope.

Thats 4 spots in one night, no line up, no cover, no problems. yea...livin life like its golden? quite the case.

Here's a quick vid of mon val and falesha outside