Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So my brother Bryan sent me a draft of the flyer for our party on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th. He said its a draft, but I say its official.

Fuck, now im excited. *pause

In case anyone is wondering who October's Very Own is, its Drake, Olivier, Niko and Noah. Its a celebration bitches! Expect Henny, Rose and Dom P all night! Word to your mother.

The team (Wristpect, Sir Lancealot, Addy and Fresh) and I have been planning this all last week and this week to figure out how to make this a very memorable experience...thinking of new things and innovative ideas. Lets just say, we got ideas. Ideas...we got. lol

We've booked a secret venue in the core of the city where no promoter has even touched yet. No one has ever thrown a party in this spot. Some real high end, elegant spot. We'll have a backdrop with a photographer (yea...who will Will hire right?), invite only special invitations, your city's finest industry cats, the most beautiful women in the spot...but I cant tell you much more...but there is much more. Much much more.

Capacity is tight so we're going to have to be the exact same way when it comes to our invite list. No hard feelings to anyone who doesn't get invited.

Your DJ lineup? Only Toronto's finest. No boost.

DJ Wristpect and Sir Lance-A-Lot
Future da Prince and T-Rexxx

Shout outs to my boy Jason Johnson too, you guys will be meeting him there. If you need to buy a house, holla at him! Flyest real estate agent in the biz. Watch out Brad Lamb! lol

Ill release a video of the venue for you guys in the next few days...just to show you how serious we are about this. lol.



be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

"I feel a draft"

"No, it's official"


Anonymous said...

i Wish the paRty Was in Ny So i couLd gO i Love DRaKeee.....HapPy biRthDay dRakeEeEe LovE U

Chilly Willy said...

its so cool that i have a reader thats not from the GTA, even cooler that ur from NY. :)

nikita83 said...

Will, I'm sure you have plenty of readers that are not from the GTA! Like me for instance lol! I'm about an hour west of Toronto...that just goes to show you how ill your blog is!! :)

Chilly Willy said...

an hour west...hmmm? like london...? lol

im ignorant when it comes to outside the gta..lol

nikita83 said...


It's way before London...you'll never guess! lol!

D.Genius said...

O snap! Drakes doing it big!

before the hype said...

Very cool! Wish I could go. Alas I will be in NY celebrating my birthday. But yay for the October babies! I was born Oct 25. And lets hear about the ideas. Killing me with the secrecy. LOL

tasha said...

I too wish this party was in NY where i live cuz then i could celebrate my 25th b-day along w/u guys....oh well lol....