Monday, September 22, 2008


FIRST OF ALL!!!...I know you're all laughing like...'no fuckin way, this chin did not just fuckin do this.'
But let me assure you, I just fuckin did. lol In actuality, this was Keesha's idea. Depending on how well this goes, ill decide if I wanna do this again next week.
We can call my blog the new lavalife...but no homo, i aint doing this shit for
Yeezy does this sorta stuff too, like a hot model of the week of each 3 days type thing...but ill put on for my city...and for my dudes *pause
So if you dont already know, this is my home slice Keesha...*Will thinks of interesting facts about Keesha...*
Ummm, shes not short, shes really funny and likes short walks along the beach because she has fat (jk). I dont really remember her background, but Im sure its out of this world! lmao (so fuckin lame!). Her favorite thing to eat is tuna and asparagus and her favorite color is light tan. lol
Note to all my fellas, she likes to drink Vodka Soda.
Well lets see how well this works out Keesha, goodluck to you and all the contestants. lmao!!!

PS. Shes a U of T a book before u talk to her. Im a book.

(i cant fuckin wait to see what happens because of this post!)

PSS. make sure to comment! she likes comments!

PSSS. hit me up on fb if you wanna be next week's and ill decide if ur worthy. This might change ur life

PSSSS. she doesnt have a hard time findin guys, this is just hilarious!


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, even though this Chillyean is a chick, I'd hit it...

Anonymous said...

Don't turn your blog into "All Things Toronto" I'd rather read about Chilly Willy.

Appreciate It.

Chilly Willy said...

Fair enough. lol
this is a one time joke thing...working on a video right now to post later. check back in a few hours.
thanks for the input tho. Not tryna be ALT at all. lol

parveen chahahl said...

I'd hit that...:):):)

Tilt said...

chilly willy, diggin the chick of the week... & put on for ur city!

Anonymous said...

this indian chick is hot

Random said...

Wow Photo will ... now u u have to change the single segments name to

CHILLY WILLIE LIL'WILLY PICK of the week.... lol

But yah i'd hit it

Crystal said...

wow Will...notice how no one said they'd read a book with her LMAO...unless hittin' it was referring to the books...yeaaa 2 cents has been tossed, catch it if u WiLLLLLL

Chilly Willy said...

lmao! i know...tisk.
doesnt anyone know the way to a woman's heart? story time damnit! story time!

and thats when u put them to bed! bed bed bed!
(in my best j holiday voice)

Keesha said...

This is hilarious...