Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This past Friday was the 3 year anniversary of Shuffle! There have been 36 consecutive sold out Shuffles! The place was rammed pack and the team was serving free champagne! How sweet is that.
Everyone always asks me, yo Will, whats Shuffle like? Shuffle is like an iPod on random. Anything and everything is played, from the T.I. to the Beach Boys, from Movado to Nirvana, New Kids on the Block to Outkast. Its all here. Sometimes there are like different a capellas mixed over completely different genred instrumentals...whatever...shits insane. Go there yourself.
Here are some pictures...way too lazy to upload the rest. I still have 4 more posts hopefully before I pass out...its already 4 fuckin AM!

Don't worry Falesha, Ive placed the order in...T-Rexxx is working on it *pause...lol

Bryan said make your sexy face...apparently I wasnt listening...
Then he says, no for real, sexy face this time for sure...I fell for it...Oddly...that is my sexy face...even though it isnt...*sigh...

I have never seen T-Rexxx so drunk in my life...holy fuckeroni

Not too sure whats happening in the picture above...but if you care to see what happens next, please send your credit card information to my facebook inbox. Im also accepting money orders.
Thats Mel and Lola by the way if you can't tell.

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Keesha said...

I really AM always on my phone eh!?...haha!