Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ok, so its Tuesday again, and once again, we go out for lunch/ dinner whatever the hell you would consider a heavy meal at around 4pm...I call it Dunchinner.

I really wanted to hit up "One of a Kind" (pasta and grill spot on Queen by Bellwoods), but they always frickin close from like 2-5pm or some shit. Wack!

So we walked along Queen Street telling stories that had no relevance to our lives except to merely make us giggle with our heads tilted back. We do that a lot.

We never know what we want to eat, so we just always strut and stroll until something catches our eye or our nostril hairs. It was a toss up. Sushi or pasta? Sushi's nice because its a lot healthier...but I wanted something hearty...so of course, being the fat stumpy boy that I am, I said..."Im craving pasta."
"I know you are."
"Im always craving pasta."
"I know you do."

Whatever, she thinks she knows me.
We decide to go into this "traditional southern Italian cuisine" called Terroni...but I like to call it Tenderroni. lol
So the waitress comes out with our menus and gives us our water in a flower vase...? very well.
Besides everything being a tad bit more expensive than I anticipated...the fuckin menu was like all written in like Italian...like wtf!
Like the ingredients were in english, but the names were all Italian...I couldnt even pronounce what i ordered. Falesha on the other hand just said, "I want the ravioli." ....how frackin convenient.
Anyhow so like they bring us our meals...
So i get this gargantua nice plate of...pasta and stuff with spicy sausage *pause and peas.
And Falesha gets this giant green plate with like 5 pieces of Ravioli...the waitress puts the plate down and we just stare at it...we looked at eachother and just laughed and I said:

"Where the fuck is the rest of the meal? Did you order out of the kids menu? Do the child serving of 5 pieces of Ravioli come with a fuckin booster chair too? You are a grown woman...wtf is this? This cost 16 doll hairs?"

Like dont you hate it when you order with someone and your meal comes out and its so dinky and the other person has a whole heap of food? And then you gotta think...ok...i cant eat this bitch to fast...cuz if i do...ill be sitting here with no food while they eat...ill either have to munch of them or order more food. But then if you decide to eat to slow and pace urself you may end up actually eating to slow and the other person has to feel awkward and sit alone with no food. fuckin a! life is full of bullshit decisions!

Poor Falesha had to stop eating halfway...she even says "look im half done" and pushes all her ravioli to one side. lol And she pauses for like 5 minutes while i catch up...thats some wack shit!
Fuckin tenderonni!

Anyhow, nothing else really funny happens after...im juss glad my car didnt get towed again...cuz we know how tuesdays are...

ps. i forgot to tell you, falesha got locked inside the Livestock washroom yesterday...ill create another post later to talk about it. But i think im going to watch some Entourage now...maybe i should be doing push ups tho...its almost beach season...fuckin a. lol


YourGirlSam said...

You know whats funny... I've used Livestocks Bathroom before.. and sometimes it is tricky to escape.
lol...but I didnt want to say anything cause that wouldnt have been cool to admit. :P

Crystal said...

i saaiidd lol notice how the name of the ravioli is "lilli"...i guess that's their way of saying the shits small (pause)...lol yall shoulda known

i don't think i said much more, that was the gist of it