Friday, September 26, 2008

Randomness at Remix

Im not too sure if anything even slightly humorous happens in this clip...but since ur on my blog it probably means ur bored, if ur bored that means u have nothing better to do...and if thats the case...just watch the damn video.

Thank you.


Kizzy said...

The Saga Continues...Will Chris "Dark" Brown and Yelluh Drake have a krump off? What was in that text message? Will Neeko come out of the shadows and/or speak? The world may never know...

LMAO, loved every minute of it. Awesome cast and crew....oNe

Keesha said...

Niko, your name should be shadow.
Drake, Close your mouth when you chew.
T-Rexxx, I just love you, always!
Will, you already know...
(See, I commented, are you happy now!?)