Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"I Only Talk to Girls With Blackberrys"

Im sure a lot of you guys can agree with me on this one...

I aint tryna discriminate or no shit, but I dont want no pigeons! lmao!!!
This video isnt quite the most effective clip that describes this feeling, but it does mention the
Ill make another video where I just vent out my shit...before I release that video, girls, y'all need to get on your A-game if you want a real man. lol
If your man aint got a blackberry...aye...he's prolly a scrub. *hit it Chilli!

Just laugh at it anyways. RP in the hizzousee!!!!

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Crystal said...

frowning at the use of the word...and yes i'm that serious....other than that you shoulda said don't fuck with ppl who don't have data plans on their

hmmm im also noticing that alotta this stuff is cuttin out the leg work, which is always so much sexier...dude can have a prepaid as long as he dots his "I's" and crosses his "T's" with a meaannn lean...point blank period