Thursday, September 18, 2008


Most of you guys should know my homegirl Nebby by now...anyways, she was out shopping with her homies and said she bought something for me cuz it reminded her of was a key pendant thing...that looks like a camera, but Drake said she shoulda got me the Hello Kitty one...asshole. lol
Anyways, this is the video of her introducing the gift, but my battery
But basically her monologue continues with...

"...i dont usually just buy stuff for just anyone but I knew you had to have this so I bought it. You are by far the coolest guy in the whole universe, and i aint referring to temperature. the world would be such a great place if there were more of you. When I die and am reincarnated, I hope I can be PhotoWil...true story. Anyways, Im winning the lottery tomorrow and planning to split it with you. I know you wont take it, but its ok. You're the coolest guy in the whole universe."

DISCLAIMER: Some of the statements that I claim Nebby made may not be factual.


Nebby said...


hello kitty would of been way cooler

Jillian said...

heeeeeeeey it's that girl from the other funny video! awwwww that was very nice of her

Mz Lynn said...

lol at hello kitty