Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Drex the Incredible

Most of you guys have seen Drex appear somewhere in my blog already, most of you guys have seen his face around town already. But let me introduce you to my homeboy Drex more formally.
He's one of the cofounders of The Remix Project, and simply an inspirational artist. He's getting ready to release his latest album "City to City".
These are some of the pictures that will be used for the album artwork. Of course there are a lot more, but this is all im willing to leak. lol

Big ups to Drex for being really different and creating a really dope concept. Shout outs to Brock for the creative lead and shout outs to Bryan of the Legends League on the dope ass tee that Drex is wearing!!!

"The First of a Surviving Breed"


narrylikes said...

awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

your friend is hot.
hardy har har.

Anonymous said...

The Chillyean thinks he's all hotness too.