Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry and Thank You!

I know I know. Its been a long fucking time.
Blame Future Shop and their lame ass technicians for working so bumba foss cleeting slow.
Thank you to the 'unnamed' donor of my temporary computer...its not as cute as my last piece of machinery ...but this will do the trick for now.

Well, im gonna keep this bad boy short...and excuse me as I catch up on this fuckin lightyears behind.

I got class at 1130 i might just throw one post only. lol. yea, Im back in school like billy madison.

PS. I just wanted to say thank you to the people that I have been bumping into for the last few weeks, just approaching on some real love and support shit. I appreciate anyone who reads this blog. Ive been checking my stats and the number of visits, its surprising that anyone even finds interest in the mediocre things I do in my life. But hey, I aint complaining. Thank you. Ill do my best to keep all of you guys interested.

Peace and Love.

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