Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mon Talkin Smack dont judge Mon, but she gets fuckin rude and obnoxious when shes drunk...but I aint complaining, shes fuckin hilarious to me...hopefully no one takes offense to any of her 'good' sentences in anyway shape or

and yes, Szechuanese is is it? is it a language...fuck im ignorant...i know it has something to do with chinese

ps. take note to Mon constantly walking in front of Falesha during the beginning of the clip and also watch her hand gestures...lmao

Mon...u slay me. lol


Alizé said...

wow I haven't had sun sun's in forever!! lol.

mon said...

ahahahaha oh god...UR DEAD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha oh're dead!!!

<3 mon