Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of 2008?

Its the last day before the last year of the first decade of the 21st century...

I thought Id write something meaningful...Ill prolly spend the day with my lil sister and trying to find something decent to wear tomorrow night to work...and in case anyone is wondering, Ill be @ Inside for the Champagne Dreams party shooting jager bombs! lmfao...*ahem...I mean...shooting pictures.

I really wanted to write a review of the year...but Im not sure how well that would play out, I still have a lot of mixed feelings about certain situations that has most certainly cast a large shadow on my overall views of 2008.

So Ill leave that out...but we'll see how I feel by the end of the post.

If life were a movie, then 2008 served merely as the opening scene credits...
I have introduced you to every relevant character in my life that Im hoping will be important to the plot and the development of my own character...(so far anyways) the only person that hasnt been cast yet...or maybe she already has but her character has to built, is my soul mate...but that'll unravel as the plot begins to unfold.

Im hoping that this movie is going to be really inspiration and deep. Make sure you're already pissed and you have your popcorn in hand...its going to be a long movie...and hopefully worth the ass numbness when you get up.

Hopefully, everyone that I have been introduced to this year, that I thanked 2 or 3 posts back will continue to play a part in this movie and that there arent too many twists and turns in terms of friendships or betrayals or other things of that sort.

If my life were an album, then the prelude has just ended.

This is merely the beginning of the story for me and the movement that I am documenting in Toronto.
This is frame at a time...

Someone commented a post or 2 back asking, what is the meaning of the card on my desk that says "T.O. (broken heart) U" ?
Toronto is often dubbed as the Screwface Capital because we usually dont support our own industry and artists. There are a lot of haters and shit talkers out here. The reason why Toronto is taking so long to grow is because of its critics and doubters.
The line is actually "T.O. Dont Love U" which is a design and phrase coined by Bryan Espirtu of the Legends League. Bry printed these logos on shirts and sweaters, and ironically, it became a hot item in the winter and spring of 2008.

Im hoping that 2009 brings a better year for the city and with all the movements in and around the city, maybe the people will have something to be more to proud of to call home.

My mom always said, "A tree by itself is just a tree, but two trees together is shelter."

Our city cant make it on the back of just one rapper, or just one singer, or one designer, one group, one institution, one anything...unless its one unified movement.
YOU and I are the first three letters of UNITY. (YOU-AND-I-T-Y for the slow pokes. lol)

If this is our home, we need to recognize that and own it. If this house comes tumbling down...its only you and I who dwell in it...its only you and I that suffer. If theres a problem inside this house, we need to fix it as a family, because our issues are internal.

I know Im getting mad preacher like, but I think its a good thing for you guys to think about, even if you aint from Toronto.

Someone just msged me asking, how come I aint sleeping yet, its 4am.

Im up because Im trying to inspire change through the only medium I have access to.
Its a worth a shot to spark a mind that may one day make a difference.

This past year has been amazing to me. Ive had people in the most random places coming up to me, saying my name, introducing themselves to me, shaking my hand and saying that they read the blog and thank you for helping them get through some of the most difficult times theyve flattered and honored to say the least.
Ive received tons of emails and msgs from random strangers as well just reaching out and saying the same things.

Im not fishing for compliments with this, but someone once commented on a post and said, thanks for sticking up for us nice guys out here...that comment has never left my mind since I read it.
The more I think about the more I realize thats sorta what I represent. Although I have a potty mouth and like getting drunk when I drink...Im still a nice guy. I think theres this perception that, once you get into the industry, you become this monster, you become contaminated by the popularity, the parties, the drugs, the girls...the whatever the hell else comes with it that people lose themselves and become immoral and lose the ability to think consciously.
Not saying that Im a big shot celebrity by any means, but I think what makes me a bit more interesting (sometimes) is the fact that Im out here...and Im an anamolie.

That someone can still be cool, still be doing crazy things, partying all the time, know a lotta industry folks but can still not be a whore, arrogant and full of himself, that can still be real.

A lot of people in the industry actually think its odd that Im the way I am...that I dont bag chicks everynight night, that Im not doing drugs or that Im humble and modest.

At the end of the day, Im still a normal person.
Im just a normal person who just does cool things.
Im just a cool person who still does normal things.

Im still Will.
Still that same ol' G.

I always tell myself, fuck what everyone else thinks about me. Ill be me the way I wanna be me. If I make it out here, Im gonna make it being William Nguyen...not what anyone wants me to be, not what anyone thinks I am, not what anyone else says...
Im gonna be me the way I want to be.
Im sitting where I am today because Im me. Im no fraud. I speak whats on my mind, and Im a straight up dude.
Love me or hate me.
But if you love me, I only want you to love me for me, not for any other reason but. Accept me as I am, flaws and all. When I meet someone, the first things I try to read is their genuiness and sincerity...are you putting on a front to get something out of me or are you just being straight and forward with who you are.

If you're here for business, cut the friend talk and spit numbers.
If you're here for friendship, cut the bullshit and the pretend games.
Frauds are the wackest people alive.

If I wanna get drunk on a fuckin saturday and stumble down the stairs and yack in my be it. Thats me.
If I wanna shake a woman's hand and tell her that Im slightly intimidated by her presence and beauty, so be it.
Im human, I have my weaknesses, my flaws, my problems, my defects, my issues and my emotions...Im not ashamed of them. Everything Im not makes me everything I am.
I believe in honesty...Ive accepted who I am and I refuse to lie to myself nor anyone else.
Im proud of the person that Ive become so I show you who I am to the fullest...

So I guess more or less what Im trying to say is, to everyone who is just getting to this point...
to the point where you're finally being recognized or you're finally beginning to establish yourself or even just find yourself...embrace yourself for the very person you are. You dont want people loving you for what you represent...or an idea of who you MIGHT want love because of who you really are.

I will admit Ive been guilty of trying to be an idea for people to love...and Ive also been guilty of loving ideas of a person as opposed to the person, several times...

Dont lie to yourself and change for anyone unless its for you.
If you cant find a reason to change, dont change, because you'll go right back to who you were before. This doesnt mean be ignorant and oblivious though.
Dont try so hard to fit in...there are no rules to success. We all make our own paths...and we all have different starting points and different finish lines...but understand it isnt a race...theres only a track...the only thing running with you is the move at your own pace.

I dont even know where Im going with this post...

Sometimes people ask me whats the purpose of my blog, whats my story for loving photography.

My reason for loving photography is the ability to document a moment in time. I can capture any one action during any split second and eternalize it for all of time.
I was always hoping to be famous or well known for whatever reason, and some day have a biographical picture about me...Im not sure for what reason Id ever be famous, but I was hoping I just would be. For every movie or film, there is a someone called a director of photography who plots what scenes will sort of look consider me the director of photography to my own life...Im documenting and prepping the frames my biopic through these Sounds lame, but its the truth.
The blog has a different purpose though. My blog is your access to my mind, thoughts and experiences. I write because I want to inspire people to think and share ideas. I leave myself vulnerable and completely open because I encourage the same to everyone else. Through articulation comes understanding. In case you ever think its really wack to say or write something, Im creating precedence for you, a comfort zone, a more relaxed and open environment for you to just release your emotions and feelings without fear of judgements and criticisms. It is one of the most beautifulest things when I just rant about things I think are bullshit and have people comment back and say like, OMG, I was thinking the same shit.

I dont know how I plan to inspire change or if my method is even effective...but maybe some of the things I will say will hit the mind of someone who has the ability to mobilize and make greater progress than I have the capacity to. If all I ever do is change just one mind, than Ive accomplished what I was set to do.

My plans for my future are quite complex and still needs a lot of revising as I still learning about myself and my capabilities. I will break it down for you another time.

Ill just to end this post off here by saying, I wish everyone the best of luck in the new year. Let all the troubles and problems be left behind you once the clock strikes 12. Let the next 365 days be yours to own and reap happiness, success, love and peace from.
Ill see you in the new year.

This may sound funny as hell, but as the days go by, Id like to get to know all of my readers a bit more. Please leave a comment or email me @ or add me on facebook (William Nguyen). Im also doing this becasue I know a lot of people have a lot of more personal things theyd like to say or ask without having to commenting publicly on a its all gravy.

So if you guys have blogs or projects that you're working on, Id like to see them. Id like to be here for you, as you have for me.

I thank you guys for all the love and support Ive received since I started this blog.

My sincerest thank you's.

It means more than you'll ever know.

My hat goes off to you really would not be the same without you.

Ill be counting in the New Year with all of you guys in mind.

*Will tips his hat.

ps. sorry for any typos or grammatical errors, I didnt proofread this post.

BLACKBERRYs vs. iPhones

First of all, I think Im gonna go fix my 7th meal of the

Too bad eating isnt a qualification you could put on your

"How would you benefit our company?"
"Well, I would be a great employee because Im a really good problem solver. For example, whenever Im hungry, I am always able to find something to eat..."

(awkward silence)

Seven says, if I continue eating at this rate, I could be a plus size model for men...thanks asshole.

Ok, on to the topic at hand.
I wanted to talk to you about blackberrys and iPhones.
Of course this review will be extremely bias since I own a expect no equality or accuracy or even any legitimacy in the words that I type.

I woulda posted a pic of someone holding an iPhone...except...I dont know anyone who owns an iPhone who is proud enough to have a picture taken with
People who have iPhones are like people who are sleeping with ugly hoes and deny all accusations about their (im exaggerating)

Ok, lets list reasons why Blackberrys are the fuckin shit!

1) BLACKBERRY MESSENGER - its basically like MSN...except a kajillion times better. Imagine, super fast msging. It tells you if the msg you sent was delivered, and if the other person has read it. You can send voice clips and can have conferences, and it has buttons (excluding the Storm) and you can type without looking...(well at least I can). You will never feel lonely with BBM. Its a good way to chop girls? "Yo shawty, whats your PIN like? Can I PIN you sometime?"

PIN is the code number assigned to your individusal phone for BBM, in case someone didnt know. Msging someone on BBM is called PINNING. lol. Thats the lingo.

umm...thats the only and best thing about BBs

Bad things about BBs?

1) IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! you know how many ppl get into car accidents, walk into trees, spill food, break up with their bf/gfs, dont dance at clubs...become zombies?
...I cant even live without the BB...whenever my BB's broke down or I lost it, I felt super life wasnt worth living anymore.
It aint called a crackberry for no reason...
Like I usually rush off phone conversations because I know 10 ppl musta PINNED me while I was on the phone, and when I get off theres like a dozen BBM notification chimes.
Anyone who has a BB feels the same way.
Text msgs are totally wack to me now cuz theyre so slow and they dont deliver in the same orders...bah.

ok...on to iPhones...lets discuss why iPhones are cool.


very well then...

lets discuss their bad points...

1) they suck? are you just gonna surf the internet all day? play music and video games all day?
and get greasy finger marks on ur screen and put it against ur face?

I mean you can do all those things on BB too...and you get BBM!!!

You cant really chill at a club holding your iPhone and look like you're cool. Because you're probably doing 'isolated' type if your texting, youre probably sitting there for awhile waiting for your text to go through and then waiting for them to respond...
or playing stupid videos...we all know you aint least if you're sitting alone and being anti social or standing by yourself, at least be communicating with someone in the cyber world. Or make it look like your dealing with some business with someone on the other side. lol

Blackberrys are the international standard for coolness. lmao...
(how bias am I huh?)


This post is boring me now...and I wanna eat again...

BB rocks, iPhones suck...

I know so many ppl who have sold their iPhones and are getting BBs now...saying Im bored...

I should get a fuckin sponsorship from BB for this post...fuckin a.

Trust me, get a BB and your life will change! I guarantee it!!! Please, anyone who has a BB, please say something so the non BB users can understand the power of the BB!

Get a Blackberry and step into the darkside.... >:-)

anyways...Imma go make me some grub.

ps. i aint really hating on ppl with iPhones...or people that dont have a BB or an iPhone...Im juss being a dorkface. We all look for different things in our functions...this post is for anyone who got an iPhone for to be you...unless you know no one with a BB, then get an iPhone, because BBM serves no purpose if you have no one to PIN. *will shrugs

Monday, December 29, 2008

Come on team! Lets brainstorm!

Im extremely bored and its so windy outside you woulda thought u was in Kansas...

Ummm...can someone give me a topic...Ill write it...

Have I already mentioned that this upcoming year is the year of the Ox on the Chinese calendar? And Im an this is supposed to mean its my bad luck year...

In case you didnt already know, Chinese and Vietnamese culture and traditions are very similar...
So lets hope 2009 and wont kill me...Im still waiting on the next Batman movie...

Tisk...give me a topic somebody! Watch me get a topic and not write anything and just read Batman comics all night and watch sitcoms and re-runs of Entourage with my sister.

Im a loser by choice!

Hey, does anyone think I get way too drunk on the job all the time? Like Im always drunk at work (club photography)...if you didnt know better, you probably thought I was just getting paid to drink. Like, Im usually more fuct than the people out celebrating their bdays...and the best part, I didnt spend a single penny! I WIN BITCHES! LMAO

Im always surprised that the promoters/employers for these events let me drink so damn much. lol...well at least I still give them 300-500 pics at the end of the night. lol...and I make sure to get the pics of all the pretty girls before I lose my vision. hard.
I dont even know what a 9-5 feels like anymore. I wake up everyday like its the Christmas holidays. My 9 hours a weekend make me just as much as I made working 40 hrs a week where should my next tatt be? My chest/cleavage area? my stomach? ribs? my forearm all the way to my wrist, back, left arm or calves? ...

Man...Im way too bored...right now Im talking as if Im talking to someone...but theres no one responding...well not until I read the comments anyways...well Im gonna go do something that makes me feel less loser...Shit!!! I GOTTA GO PICK UP MY SISTER FROM THE THEATRES NOW!



This is frickin hilarious to me...

Look at the next 9 photographs and think about they all have in common...Im being serious...Besides them being Hollywood Heart throbs...(no homo). lol

SUPER PAUSE for me even spending time googling all these names and having to look at all the pictures...*Will cringes. lol

Now what did those 9 people have in common with me...???

...well this is definitely not a great picture of me for this example...or maybe even a great picture at all...the only purpose this picture serves is for a good laugh. lol


All good looking dudes (no homo) have small eyes...I WIN BITCHES!!!


The Past Year's Review and The New Year's Resolutions

Ive been loafting on this post a lot because I still dont really know what to feel...

The entire year has been great to me...and I should be struck by lighting if I said otherwise.
I guess, Ive only been feeling weird for the past few weeks...buts its unfair for me to base my thoughts of the year on my feelings in the past few weeks.

Ive spent a lot of this year just trying to understand the person that I am trying to find peace and happiness, stability and sanity, love and comfort.

I didnt find everything, but I am thankful for what I did.

I just wrote an entire list of thank you's...But I just deleted it all...Its too difficult to name everyone Ive met this year and list their contribution to my life.

I even thanked people you didnt expect me to.
To everyone who Im thankful for, they know...because I often tell them...on blackberry. lol

Fuck it, here's my list.


I wont even lie, one of the biggest contributors to this year is Addy, thank you for getting me off my couch last January, and making me apply for Remix. Thanks for believing in me and continuously pushing me to do better.

Im going to continue with a list of thank you's now to the people who made a really big impact on me...If I leave out any names, its no disrespect whatsoever. And the order is totally irrelevant.

Thank you to Bryan, Gav, Drex, T-RexXx, Noah, Future, Brock and Amanda for all that they've done for me inside that building in the first 6 months of the year, those 6 months were probably the greatest 6 months Ive ever known...But the special thanks goes out to Bryan for teaching me about a creative mind and giving me the ability to think for myself and allowing me to be me under his wing.
Thank you to the team - Addy, DJ Wristpect, Sir Lancelot and Fresh for dragging me out 7 days a week for months to meet every damn person in the city.
Thank you to Drake for shouting me out on 'Im Still Fly' and making me the coolest photographer! lol
Thank you to Ollie for giving me the opportunities to work beside you on all those projects.
Thank you to Q, Peter, Ronnice, Candice, John, Howie, Vedran, Trevor, Merv, Jenn Curlz, Matt, Matt, Matt G and the rest of Goodfoot/ United Front gang for always giving me a place to visit on Tuesdays and park on Saturday nights.
Thank you to the Livestock family - Skam, Andy, Los, Hek and Auggie for all the clubbing adventures and free vitamin water!
Thank you to Mikey, Jmac, Greg, Kev and Avi and the rest of for putting me on *pause
Thank you to Corwin and P-Plus for always looking out for me and making sure Im good.
Thank you to Safari for just being a cool dude.
Thank you to DJ Lissa Monet for always making me feel special when you see me.
Thank you to Spexx and Dre for always putting that paper in my hand.
Thank you to Nebby for being a great friend and always just being straight up even if you'll hurt my feelings...asshole.
Thank you to Milana for all the positivity during some of my worst moments and for some of the greatest advice Ive ever heard.
Thank you to Nadia for your 'awethome' sense of humor, your bubbliness, being yourself and letting your guard down and helping me end the year off on a lighter note. "Like Puss, like who are you? like you know what I mean?"
Thank you to Joy...for the joy? and all of the CD's and laptop adapters! lol lol
Thank you to Justin Lowe for always being a total idiot and just always messaging me with random nonsense.
Thank you to Lee for trying to find me a job...(Im still unemployed). lol
Thank you to Falesha for a wonderful summer and a handful of memories.

Thank you to all the new friendships Ive gained - Rich Kidd, Junia T, Sonat, F-Dub, Shakes, Crooks, Alejandro aka Ale, Johnny, DJ Tilt, Courtney, Linda, Alina, Tona, Harold, Shanda, Suzannah, Ashley, Keesha, Sabina, Courtne, Crystal, Heinz, Duane B, Mensa, Agile, Wan, Jenny Saliba, Will, Chevy, Sean, Rawk, Ozzy, Jason F, Air King, Thomas, Amber, Natalie H, Bjorn, Cola, Chantle, Karla Gillian, Giselle, Che, Addis, James Lowe, Lo, Kitt, Landlord, Melanie, Mensa, Momo, JD Era, Kim Davis, Ayah, Marion, Mila, Caitlin, Vili, Catriona, Eva, Kathleen, Azuka, Bobby, Natalie Caine, Savs, JT, Trisha, Ace, Mahsa, Rachel, Nekita, Sharob, Paulyne, Jenn N, Kayla, Sarina, Tse, Jesse, Ron, Blake, Unique, Lloydia, Sarah, Daniele, Diana, Vee, Stacy, Sam Wong, Sarina, Janet, Winny, Ken Masters, Bishop, Soze, and BP.

...Hope I didnt forget too many names...but those are just the people I met this year.

Thank you to everyone else whose been consistent in my life.

Thank you to Lola for just always loving me and supporting so much and helping me with almost everything all the time.
Thank you to Criso for being such an awesome sister to me and just for always understanding me.
Thank you to Jason Johnson for never changing through the years.
Thank you to Niko for all the randomness. lol
Thank you to Jerome and Taj for letting me work some of the craziest events.
Thank you to Anthony, Gerald, John, Jay, Lassi and Joey for never bailing on me...mad love for you dudes.
Thank you to my cousins, Khanh, Peter, Fred, Kevin, Duy Nanh and Jimmy for the love and always watching out for me and Mike.
Thank you to Seven, Vince and Moe for always making me feel Just thanks for always being my brothers.
Thank you to Val, Julia, Emmy and Ceejay for being friends with eachother through all these years, your love for eachother gives me a lot of hope...its weird, but you guys know what I mean.
Thank you to Mon for always yelling at me and keeping me in line and never letting me get to gassed. Thanks for being my bestfriend.
Thank you to my brother, Mike for always filling up my gas tank and parking my car for me on the
Thank you to my sister, Judy who has learned to trust me and come to me for guidance.
Thank you to my brothers, Steve and Jack for always making me like Im still a role model.
Thank you to Dame for everything, you know my thanks will never be enough. Just thank you for always sitting on the phone while I vent and yell and cuss! lol...and we know I do that quite often. Thanks for not laughing at my mom when she cant speak English and for understanding that she still doesnt know your name after all these years...and that she still calls you honey, and refers to you as the black guy. lmfao

I know Im gonna get a couple phone calls tmr or blackberry msgs saying I forgot some
Lets hope I didnt forget you on purpose. Eeks!

Thats a lotta thank you's...shit. lol

Hopefully that wasnt too boring.
Obviously I have mad love and respect for everyone I named...and I only named a thing or two of what Im thankful for, but you know I cant really break down and tell you every single thing...especially on the blog. lol

I didnt really write a review, more of just a bunch of thank you's...

...its almost 5am now...Should I still write my new years resolutions?

...ahhh well...

Ill just do it now, cuz I dont know when Ill be free next.


New Year's Resolution
...or just goals...whatever..unless they're the same

1) To only work where it makes sense. Like no stupid call center jobs or anything. If it aint for the community, if it aint for youth, if it aint about art, if I cant be creative, I aint doing it.
2) Be better to my mom
3) Make more time for the people who truly care about me.
4) Cut off all the frauds around me.
5) Graduate from school.
6) NO SEX until I find someone worthy of caring for...Yea, I said it! lmfao!
That mighta been a bad thing to make public for several reasons...but Ill say it...Dont get me wrong, I love sex, but Id rather make love. No lameness intended, but why take what you like, when you can take what you love. I only want someone to care about...I have no issues with people who emotionless sex, I have just come to realize, emotionless kinda of goes against my may say, you're young, Will. Fuck all you can! Havent you ever just gone to a buffet, and just not eaten anything? Havent you ever had just so much money, go to the mall and not wanna buy anything?
Yea thats how I feel about women...there are just so much...and so many are so wack. When there is such an abundance and so much option...There's no need to choose. Im gonna take my time. Im only going home with the best. Everything else, Ill leave to the rest for the commoners. And of course, the word best is relative.
For me, its about quality over quantity, but to each their own. I guess some people just like to collect stamps.

Ive created my standards...and if you dont meet them, you can go to the warehouse. Sorry, but Im only going for what I feel deserves to be at the window of this shop...none of that, at the back of the store in the spinning sale rack with red stickers, loose threads and some tears in it bullshit. I aint tryna get no manafacture defect discounts. I want only what deserves to be in the window and Im down to pay the full price.

I might be window shopping for awhile...but its least Ill have what I want...(or at least what I think Ill want.)
The more successful I become, the more I realize I dont need sex to keep me happy...and that my friend is a powerful thing. My money keeps me happy, my friends keep me happy, my family keeps me happy, my constant hunger for more keeps me happy.
Well, actually Im lying, theres a woman I sleep with every weekend from Friday to Sunday. Most of you guys know her, Im sure she sleeps with a lotta people too...but its ok...I still fucks with her. Imma reveal her, and this is the truth, no inch of a lie.

Her name is Elizabeth...

Queen for my non Canadians - Canadian money has a picture of the Queen on it...)

Lame joke, but it gets me everytime.

The thing with me is...I attract a lot more nicer girls than I do hoes. And I cant be sleeping around with good girls...because I might break their hearts and scar them for life. And I cant sleep around with hoes...cuz they nasty. So Im just gonna do my thing til I find someone worth my time, my thoughts, my care and my efforts.

I can just imagine alotta dudes hating me for this one because I may have accidentally raised the bar for dudes to get *Will shrugs. lol

Like I told y'all in a couple posts back, Im all about the Premium P! For me its just sex...for them its sex and status! lmao. Thats right, I said it. Not being cocky, just being real. Ive had this talk with many people in the industry...We aint all gassed, we're just being real. lol (fuck, I cant wait to get cussed for that remark...lmao)
Hey, hate me if you want, but Im jus saying what a lotta ppl just dont have the balls to say. You guys already know who I am...if you have to question my character, y'all aint know me.

Call me gay, stupid, dumb, wack or whatever for not sleeping with the chick you seen me talking to at the club...
But Im working on my path to enlightenment, theres a lot more to life for me then bussing a feels great and all dont get me wrong...but that all ends...and you're just back to feeling empty again...both literally and figuratively.

Like I said, give me a woman to love, care for, be with, holds hands with, hug, kiss, embrace, look after, to look forward to, to make feel special, to make me laugh, entertain me, worry about me and look out for me...thats what I want...I aint stopping til I get what I want


Hopeless romantics are in for aint know?


Anyhow, off to sleep.
I guess my last resolution should be stop going to bed just before sunrise? lol


and thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting, and supporting my blog for the past few months...or since
the work and thought I put into this blog would not be the same if I didnt have your support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for making me feel like a somebody.
Thanks for letting me write and understanding the person that I am, flaws and all.

2009 is Two Thousand and Mine.


Ok, I just got home from watching Benjamin Button...


The movie is beautifully shot with a lotta really artsy dramatic scenes and with a ton of quotables. I wont try to get all Siskel and Roeper on you, but the movie was fantastic. It's full of emotions, happiness, sadness and a lot of...fuck, that sucks...

I love movies that can just suspend my sense of belief for awhile, take me to another world and just let me really feel like Im there...I woulda felt like Im there, except for the constant vibrations from the blackberry...tisk...

Here's my fave quote:

"We're meant to lose the ones we love.
How else would we know how important they are?"

...think about that one...

and go watch the damn movie.

Im gonna go throw some chicken wings in the oven and come back and hopefully write my year review and new years resolution.

Be back in a few.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


So if Im posting right now...

It means Im not in New York City...we all overslept and didnt wake up til almost
What a waste...Im so depressed now, I think all 5 of us have been depressed all day about not heading off to New York...well you know what that means! Im gonna visit Adam aka A-Bomb tmr and book my next tatt appt. Dont know what to do...I wanna get started on my left arm, finish up my right arm and pull it down to my wrist, finish my back, do my stomach and maybe even my ribs...fruckin a.

I dont know Ill go see Adam tmr, and see what he says.


So Im gonna leave a ziplock bag in my bathroom all the time now. I need to zip up my blackberry while Im in the shower so I can continue convos. Its mindboggling to be in the shower and hear the 'sonar' chime go off every 3 seconds. And sometimes the conversations get really interesting (in a non perv way) just before I hit the shower. So yes, Ive solved all my problems. We all know I get withdrawals when Im away from my BB.

Snap, I was gonna write more, buy Imma go play third wheel with Dame and his wifey and go watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

Since every other friend sold me out!!!

"Like Puss, like who are you? Like you know what I mean?"
(inside joke)

In the meantime, this is my new funny shit! Watch it with a pantyliner will piss your self.

Thanks to Nads and Savs for putting me on this shit! This is pure gold!


shieettt! What I would look like if I grew my hair out, and had facial hair. lol

I took this picture on my webcam like 5 years ago, and edited it on photoshop...I didnt know how to you use any of the tools you can looks so fake...but its a good fuckin laugh anyhow. lol

Whatever, Im going to sleep...its frackin 5:36am...


First of all, happy birthday to my best friend and brother, Dame. You're getting old, but dont worry, you'll be collecting your pension before you know it!

So we're supposed to be leaving for NYC in the next few hours...

The only problem is...we didnt rent the car yet!
Which happens to be the biggest problem ever. We totally underestimated the busy-ness of this weekend and figured we could just do it last minute...all the SUV's are sold out in the city...tisk.

So Seven and I are gonna drive back out to the airport tomorrow morning and hope we can get an hopefully we can still go...and if not...I guess Im just gonna use the NYC money for another tattoo...lmao

I should probably sleep now right? In case we head out to NYC tmr? ...I mean later?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


"Blame it the goose, gotcha feelin' loose
Blame it on petrone, gotcha in the zone


Blame it on vodka, blame it on the henny,
Blame it on the blue top, gotcha feelin dizzy."

I wont even front and let you wait til you get to the end of the post to see pics of me drunk. I was fuckin wasted out of my fuckin mind last night! SO FAR GONE!
Its nice being a photographer...I just gotta walk around with a cup, and everyone fills up my cup as I make my way around the booths in the club. lol.
I dont even bring money to the club fuckin ever!

The music was probably great, but I have no idea, I was in my own world last night and all I could hear was a high pitch frequency in my brain! lol Fuckin awthomeneth (awesome with a lisp)!

I need to toss out a few thank you's, first to Duane and T-RexXx for throwing an awesome party, to Nadia and Savannah for the company, Gavin, Drex, Azuka, Tyson, Lo, and whoever else that kept filling my cup through the night and almost making me go blind. Nebby for stealing my cup of henny and had me chasing her in circles around the club til I got dizzy and gave up. Lola for looking after me when I was smashed on the couch. Niko for being...lmao! (you know what Im talking about...*pause). T-RexXx for telling everyone I was the coolest photographer ever in the washroom while I was barfing and everyone else was cringing. Jason Johnson for driving me and the girls home in my own car, getting me home at 6am, leaving my car lights, killing my car battery, and leaving only 4kms worth of gas left in the tank (I have a measuring thing in the car that tells me how many kms of gas I have left)...

I yacked twice in the club, and once more in the car...I came home and knocked on and all...oddly only my jeans were off, but my boots were still now Im wondering, did I take off my pants and then put my boots back on for no reason? like a fuckin clown?

*that didnt really happen, but imagine it did? lmao

and here's my new theme song for the club.

Below: Nadia and Savannah, my fave hefty heffers.
Waddup! The best company a drunk donkey could have...thanks for laughing at all my jokes in the car even when they werent funny...

"Can I get yo numbah? Can I have it? Can I? Can I get your digits?"

I dont know the girl in the pic below on the left, but she was actually on my blog on her BB just before I took this picture. Mad love!

Sarah and friend

Safari and Gavin

Waddup Hakeem? (middle)

Kathleen and Eva

Azuka and friend

Safari ruins every good picture...

Auggie and Hektor of Livestock

Taurean of Lounge

Skam and Los of Livestock

Gavin and Lola



I see you in the window, Nadia! lol

In case you think you're aint. Just saying tho. High five? lol

Lissa, Kathleen and friend

Azuka and Coco


Andrew of Roundtable

Mean muggin' as always.

This pic makes me laugh.


Makeeba (left) and friend

Nekita and friend


Ok, Lo. I see you. lol

Lola and Ken Masters

Drizzy's home again.


Matt Babel and Alina


Nadia D and friend

Sarah and 3 glasses of wine???!!! Fuckin G!

I wonder what it said...

Andy of the Segment and Livestock


Skinny Gucci and T-RexXx

Nekita and Sharob

Mr. Knocturnal aka Duane and Lo.

Waddup Harold?!

Look at Sharob's face! Looks like she just wet herself! lmao

Check me out on the left side of the pic! lmao

Ur smashed bro!

Addis and Azuka

Nebby...with that glass of Henny that she took from me. lol

Drex, Shakes and Lo

Crystal and friends

I have no idea who this guy is but his facial expression is pure marvel

Waddup Paul?

Rachel and friend

The other Jason...aka JT


I have no idea whats happening here, but it looks hilarious

lmfao!!! Only I would post a pic of my face looking this stupid! lmao

This picture kills me! i dont even know who these two guys are! lmao

Thanks again for driving again! lol


Future and Ollie

Love ya, Lola! I missed you, glad your back sister bear.