Tuesday, December 23, 2008


(sidenote...its 5:38am...and Im still playing my song in loops...Im singin along like its karaoke night with the chins. lmfao! I cant get enough of myself! lmfao! not being cocky! I marvel at my stupidity!...I should sleep now...)

Vince, Dame and I spent the evening at Moe's crib in his 'studio' recording tracks and singing on auto-tune, it was fuckin fantastic if you ask me twice.

This first clip is of ME singing "Can't Believe It" by T-Pain, of course I remixed the entire thing and sang it with a completely different melody and different timing schemes. lol
Its whatever, I fucking love it.
I just love it so much because if you didnt listen to the words you prolly would think its a real love making song...but since you WILL listen to the words, you're just gonna laugh your ass off. lol
This fuckin clip is just outrageously amazing!!!
And this intro kills me as soon as I say "Welcome."

Honestly, Ive heard this thing like a kajillion times already. This was probably my 4th take...lol. It doesnt sound pro at all, and some notes I missed comepletely...we had some better takes but the files were corrupted, so this is the best one...and it aint even all that. Just laugh at it.

Dont take the lyrics seriously either, I was just making up random funny bullshit that rhymed. lol.


The clip below is Dame, putting the remix on the same track.


This is track that Moe produced and we all sang on. Ive made the pictures match up with vocals on the video so you know whose singing. Im last at 3:13 ...and my ending sucks.
Dame's part is fuckin insane! He freestyled that and killed it! lol

We were recording from 11pm -330am. lol


Anonymous said...

LMAO! You stupid for this Will! HAHAHAHA!! I love it!! Drizzy should make it the secret song on his album! LOL!

be. said...

LMAO!! I should have left for work already.. instead I wake up to a message from you sayin' watch this as soon as I wake up.


you guys are hilarious!!

hustleGRL said...

"cause i aint ballin like t rexxx"
"ooohh bryan, tell her i aint lyinnn"

and Will u said the most random things "Welcome, Chopsticks are made of real bamboo, chinese bamboo, very strong, enjoy" LOL

hustleGRL said...

Oh and last song is fuckin GOOLLLDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! lmao.

Thanks for wakin me up this morning on blackberry messenger dork :]

hustleGRL said...

I want an mp3 to the 3rd song with all of u lol

Anonymous said...

i dont hear auto tune my dude. i think u turned it off when you rendered it...i'd imagine it would sound better with the auto tune..

nice try!

Chilly Willy said...

Yea...I noticed that...dangit. I noticed it this morning. Its ok, moe's working on it. Ill post the edited with auto-tune after. Lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL... "after the drive thru im gonna drive to your house", that boy kills me. These are hilarious!! Will, your accent kills me, lol. Sooo random, how can you not love it!

Maяіa .:* said...

LMAO...this shit made my day, thank you :P

Anonymous said...

homeboy DAME is the best lololololol
will u kill me too im fnisheeeed *fades out* LOL