Monday, December 29, 2008

Come on team! Lets brainstorm!

Im extremely bored and its so windy outside you woulda thought u was in Kansas...

Ummm...can someone give me a topic...Ill write it...

Have I already mentioned that this upcoming year is the year of the Ox on the Chinese calendar? And Im an this is supposed to mean its my bad luck year...

In case you didnt already know, Chinese and Vietnamese culture and traditions are very similar...
So lets hope 2009 and wont kill me...Im still waiting on the next Batman movie...

Tisk...give me a topic somebody! Watch me get a topic and not write anything and just read Batman comics all night and watch sitcoms and re-runs of Entourage with my sister.

Im a loser by choice!

Hey, does anyone think I get way too drunk on the job all the time? Like Im always drunk at work (club photography)...if you didnt know better, you probably thought I was just getting paid to drink. Like, Im usually more fuct than the people out celebrating their bdays...and the best part, I didnt spend a single penny! I WIN BITCHES! LMAO

Im always surprised that the promoters/employers for these events let me drink so damn much. lol...well at least I still give them 300-500 pics at the end of the night. lol...and I make sure to get the pics of all the pretty girls before I lose my vision. hard.
I dont even know what a 9-5 feels like anymore. I wake up everyday like its the Christmas holidays. My 9 hours a weekend make me just as much as I made working 40 hrs a week where should my next tatt be? My chest/cleavage area? my stomach? ribs? my forearm all the way to my wrist, back, left arm or calves? ...

Man...Im way too bored...right now Im talking as if Im talking to someone...but theres no one responding...well not until I read the comments anyways...well Im gonna go do something that makes me feel less loser...Shit!!! I GOTTA GO PICK UP MY SISTER FROM THE THEATRES NOW!



seven the slayer! said...

u shud get a tatt on your fat stomach or in between your saggy man tits. it'll help cover it up. or how bout you pump some iron first? ya? no? lol

tilt said...

go watch seven pounds if u haven't seen it. i'm sure u may have something to blog after that. how's nyc??

AYO! stephie said...

I think you should get your next tat either on your arm or back! If you do your back, something big... like BAM!

Chilly Willy said...

Yea, Ive already started on my back, its supposed to be a big piece...but Im a very impatient guy...I like to do everything in one sitting, when I come back next time, I always force my tattoo dude into starting a new project before finishing the one prior. lol

bad habits.

But yea...tryna keep the left side of my body all graffiti and my left side all realism...

working on it, working on it. lol

and tilt, Im not in NYC u clown!

Amanda said...

I'm that 16 yr old girl
that emailed you and said
that you are THE COOLEST guy ever [=...
..i think you should repost
The Past Year's Review since
you said thank you's instead of review's

And i think you should get your
next tatt on your back ;]

Chilly Willy said...

I knew someone would call me out on that one...very well...Ill get cracking on that one shortly...

I guess Ill just whop up categories and dont even know how to write one of those...but Im sure Ill think of something...

and back eh...tisk. lol

Crystal said...

You know what's so loser-ish by choice is that I've been on your page like 5 times for the day. You and Bryan! Frig. Two different blogs but still have something to offer. I'm just gunna write a book and knock both yall out the park!! LOL ikid ikid. I wish continued success for the both of you.

Umm you should tatt your armpit. And sometimes I wonder if your antics are really a result of your drinks or just you being you.

Ah touche

D said...

1st-tilt is correct. Seven Pounds..yea you should check that. Doubt was very good as well.

2nd-I dont friggin know what you should write about. There are so many things but none come to mind. And why on earth are you bored? As many ppl as you know dude you should never be ever. And I'm sure your having some interesting convo on BBM right there get unbored. I’d say yo PIN me but that would get old super quick and go nowhere fast. You'd b talkin and I'd answer 2 hrs later like "Sorry, I was watching fresh prince..." I'd be absolutely no help. And I probably wldnt put my PIN out there neway soo...neeexxxt!

Since 09 is right around the corner, how do you plan on bringing in the New Year? Party hopping? Celebrating with good friends at a little get 2gether? Mine usually consists of sitting around whilst my mom cooks some black eyed peas (which I dont eat) and watching the MTV specials. Yaya fun! whoo hoo for D!

Tats...uh...I say finish up your right arm. I like full arms of tats so..yea go with that. Then the other arm or chest.

Should I think of some interesting topic *in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* "I'll be back." peeeaace!

D said...

Damnit! Why do I always write so much! Freakin-a!

Just b like um..yea you do tend to write a lot. And its not interesting or funny so...stop. I wld not be hurt! :-)

Chilly Willy said...

nah, long comments are my fave.
I appreciate the time and thought put in them.

*will tips his hat


theyre entertaining to me and I love reading...comments anyways.

The Definition said...

I totally just learned something new. I always thought that with the Chinese zodiac if the particular year matched your animal it was a good luck year. Lol, like I still go on about how '98 was the best year ever for me and that was the year of the tiger [whoop whoop!!] Hmmm, thanks for droppin that knowledge on ya girl.

You should do like Amanda said and write a review. Yanno, the good/bad things that happened to you, songs you had on infinite repeat, the best party you attended, etc. I'd like to read that.

Umm, I think you should get your leg done. What do they call em, sleeves? Yeah get one of them, but for your leg.

ps. is that a gold grill in that picture? lol Will what'chu doin with some fronts?

Anonymous said...

whats the point of that T.O sign, like why is the heart broken??

Chilly Willy said...

That T.O. Is a logo that belongs to my brother, bryan of the legends league.
T.O. Is nicknamed the screwface capital. We're kinda infamous for not supporting our own industry and the city is full of haters. The heart is broken.

The card actually reads 'T.O. Don't love you.'

So that was bryan's take on the city's scene. Ironically, the t-shirts and sweaters sold like mad crazy and that shirt was a huge hit last winter and spring.
Check if you're interested.

Hopefully that answers that

jaey said...

i love eveybody's blogs from toronto. u guys r so creative. i really wish there was a remix project in the states but anyway...i'll be there in a year. will u WILL figure out wat to write abt. it will just come to u. if u didnt notice, im having way too much fun with ur name right now lol

wristpect said...

seven pounds really sucks. my girl and i both fell asleep through it more than once.

go watch slumdog millionaire if you want to watch a real movie.

and get a tatoo on your face - 3 tear drops

tilt said...

u suck wristpect! get some
i'm sure u fell asleep (*cough bs) lmao.

and will my bad on the nyc... sucks... i'll go next time, & we can just take my ride, + i got fam in manhattan so close to all the action.

as for tats, i agree on finishing them up, i say finish ur arms, then work on ur back... or at least that's what i will be doing these next couple months.

Overactive be. • • said...

get a tattoo of a baby elephant on your fat stomach, and if you ever lose the weight the elephant will slowly age and get more and more wrinkly as elephants should. it'll be a work in progress at all times!


Agreed on shez's comment. Don't see that 7 Pounds shit... go see Slumdog MiLLionaire. It's waaaaayyy better, just cus it has 2 L's in the name and has the words "Slum" "Dog" and "Million" in it. And also "Air" and "Lion" too. What the hell does 7 Pounds have but Rosarr... oooh shit. Wait a second, ROSARIO DAWSON'S IN THAT SHIT!!! I'd go see that one bro. Go see THAT ONE!!!! Go see Rosario dude.. yea, yo, go see THAT shit.

Either way.. tell me how either of those are cus I haven't seen them. Or just go see The Spirit!!! WANNA GO?! I got tickets!

Oh shit.. i can't go. I'll be IN NEEEWW YOOOORRRK!!! HAHAHAAA!!!

k. Now onto the next topic - the T.O. Dont Love U design..

Did you know that Karla actually had the balls to ask me if I knew that the broken heart was made up of TheLegendsLeague logo? Like IIIIII Wasn't the one who designed it? Can you believe that shit?

Nooooowwww onto Tilt's comment - Don't finish what you started dude. Look at me! I got 2 unfinished sleeves.. I'm like a farm worker or something with tattered clothes and a natural physique of a gladiator. Whoa wait, I'm trailing off. I'm not done either of my sleeves and yet I'm going in to get my collar bone done. It's all about showing off. Who cares if you have one huge amazing piece all over your left arm and up your left shoulder and onto your left breast and around your left nipple and down to your left side of your ribs?? What if I sit on your RIGHT SIDE?! HUH? All that work goes TO WASTE!!

Cover the bases and just keep getting them all over until you look like someone stamped you with some kind of stamp kind of thing that uses the old ink from old stamp ink pad things. That's the way to do it!

Be showy. like redman says.

Alright.. I'm done here.
Can you tell we haven't talked on bb msngr in ages?! lol.