Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IF YOU DONT KNOW ME, dont act like you do.

(sorry, something was happening when I was writing this post and the only thing I can do is write this post in shades of red. Sorry if its sucky on the eyes)

Im not tryna be rude at all.

But some people need to get the fuck off my balls.

Some people need to stop reading too much into the things I say and write, especially when they dont understand the person that I am.
The people who dont fucking know me, should shut the fuck up.
Because if you knew me, you wouldnt say such things.

If you question my character and intentions...you clearly dont know me.
And thats cool.
Just dont analyze me as if you know me.
Actually you can...cuz like I said before, if you're not here to contribute to my happiness or my well being...I dont give a shit.
We cant win them all.

Why does this post sound so bitter, because I get a comment on my blog this morning with these words:


yea...the light skin girls on the left is weird...we shoulda put the two dark skin girls on the left...because right is for right, left is for wrong. I agree with you spexxx


Seriously?!?!? That's the most ignorant shit I've heard in a while and it came outta you.

If you 'tryna' get that much recognition and be known for shit, drop that. That's just fucked up and if you don't know what word describes it, it's colorism. Look it up and research it and watch the things you say cause they can be REAL offensive. You wouldnt want to hear CHINK jokes, so dont make Nigger/dark skin = wrong jokes. SMH. The end.

Nigger jokes???

Are you kidding me?

Do you fucking know who I am and the people I roll with?
Ask anyone. When anyone says sentences with the word Nigger in it and refers to someone Im standing around, I say "I dont know any niggers, I know black people."
I know what nigger means.
And dark skin jokes???
My best friend is a dark skin black person. LMAO

Are you fuckin kidding me?
We even joke about being Yin and Yang (pause).
Do you know how long Ive been growing up with black folks? Nevermind black folks, I live in Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world (if not the most).
Majority of all my friends are actually dark skinned black folks, most of the people I work with are dark skinned black people. And you say Im colorist?...

I understand the potential for misunderstanding and discrimination, but thats not what this is about though. It was a joke and was an inside joke of all things. Should I have marked inside joke for you?
Like I said if you dont fuckin' know me, dont fucking judge me. Ill show you what this person is referring to.

You need to understand my relationship with Spexx and the context in which it was said.

First of all, this was a comment on someone's page regarding an inside joke, that you obviously dont get. Inside jokes are called inside jokes for a reason. Its intended for people 'inside' the joke aka people who are involved in the origination of the joke. The inside joke is meant for people who are not a part of the joke, to in fact, NOT get the joke. The joke implies exclusion, exclusion because we left out all the background information, and if you were just to jump on the wagon at any random point you probably wouldnt get it and would probably misunderstand.
So YOU (the person who misinterpreted and left the comment) would be classified as one of the people who are not a part of the inside joke aka people who not involved with the joke. So dont get it twisted.
I didnt write that comment on my blog randomly or to just anyone. I wrote this to my dude. He gets it and everyone else (who ACTUALLY knows me) does. There is no malice behind the words I wrote.

We all make relatively and arguably discrimanating jokes to some point? Someone will always be offended by something...even the smallest detail. But we can only concern ourselves with the person that we are addressing it to. "If i said hey you're stupid. Get smart." Should every 'stupid' person on this planet attack me now because Im siding with smart people and Im hating on stupid people? Like really?
Am I supposed to believe the person who just criticized me is a saint? We all say things that could be offensive, especially when misunderstood and out of context.

The point of this post is not to point out the upsetting comment left on my page, but the fact that a person who clearly doesnt know me would like to pretend they do. The point is that some people are so bored that they have to try to discredit me. If you can see that comment that I posted on that picture, it means you are a friend of mine or a friend of someone else's in that picture. You're a part of my network somehow. It means you probably have a way of directly contacting me. I am tagged in that photo. You can easily click on my name and ask me what the quote was about and I could have easily explained. But you had to choose my blog where you could be anonymous...

So now Im left to wonder, are you even a person who is truly offended, or a person who just wants to put me on blast and make me look bad?...esp because you're anonymous.

Well whatever you're doing I hope it works...

If your intention was to bother me, it sorta did. But thats cuz Im always bothered by people who front and by frauds, phonies and people who dont contribute to the community at all but want to ruin it. When you guys ask how come the parties my team and I do are 'invite only', its to weed out people like this showing up. I know who my real peoples are, and I only wanna be around my peoples. No one else. Its not about whose worthy to be around us, but its about who really knows us and share common visions and values.

It doesnt upset me that you left the comment. It upsets me that your personality exists. Yea yea, I know. We dont live in a perfect world. There are good and bad for balance and what not. But it doesnt mean I still cant be upset that it exists.

I could have not responded to this comment or just deleted and let it be...but I feel the need to call out people who like to act like they know people who they really fuckin dont.

"If you're 'tryna' get recognition and be known for shit, drop that!"


First of all, that comment almost states that you think you know me because you think Im tryna get recognition...and if you're on my blog...you probably read my posts. And if you read it, you should have a general idea of who I am...
and if you even have a general idea of who I am...you wouldnt have said that.

So...where does this leave us...I dont know...with a sour ass reader who just wants to instigate drama? or have a comment that will be recognized. Hey if you want your shine, Ill give it to you. I have your commented highlighted in a different color.

'That's just fucked up and if you don't know what word describes it, it's colorism.'

I dont give a shit what word describes it. Theres a word that describes every fuckin action in the world. What are you doing by leaving a comment to criticize me without leaving any contact info...? Im sure there's an '-ism' for that...

Why dont you call me out for swearing so much? Why dont you call me out for saying the word dumb and stupid? Or how about when I say itis? When I say Urban? When I say hoe? When I say bitch? When I call someone tall or short, fat or skinny, ugly or sexy, fast or slow?

What -ism's do you have for those? Are you going to take every word I say literally and call me out on what the words and actions really imply, and tell me who Im discriminating now?

You ever think about how the majority of the parties I do are actually for the black/urban/dark skin/light skin/ hip hop/ whatever else you can classify it, community? (I do do occassional 'white people' parties) Do you think if I had a real problem with black people I would really spend that much time with them each weekend in such a confined space? You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Why dont you call me out for what Im actually trying to inspire in my community? Why are you reading my comments on facebook and hitting me up here? Why are you trying to get jokes that you were clearly not meant to get? Why are you tryna be involved in inside jokes when you're meant to be excluded? Why are you so fucking bored? Why dont you go get a new porn password and occupy your time doing something else?


Everyone may say, "Hey Will, you didnt have to be so vulgar and waste so much time on acknowledging haters and ignorant people who just wanna fuck your shit up. You aint gotta explain yourself to no one, especially on your blog"

But I say nah, I aint explaining myself. This is actually a process of me explaining them and where they went wrong in their judements of me. They obviously put some thought into what they were saying and that needs to be recognized.

Here you go playa.

You feel nice? You got your own post. You should probably print this out and frame it in your lil scrapbook of "Stupid comments I like to leave on peoples blogs where I confront the writer in an ignorant manner and judge them before asking for clarification because I am an overly emotional and analytical and excluded individual from my community and I am ambivalent."


Just dont act like you know me when you fucking dont. Only a handful of people really know me and I highly doubt you're one of them. If you have an issue, address it to me. Ask me and I will answer you. There is justification and reason behind my every action. Before you judge me and try to call me out on my own blog where I have control over what comments can or cannot be posted, you should consider talking to me first. Thats what civilized and regular people do. But I mean you can be a wuss and stay anonymous if you like. Maybe you have a personal beef with me that you would like to address but its stupid so you want to try and twist up comments that I leave on other people's personal profile pages and try to put me on blast behind the safety of your own monitor because you dont wanna address me with an identity so you assume no identity.
But you really can address me in person if you like. Im working at 3 different venues this weekend...Im sure you'll be able to find me downtown somewhere. Holla.

PS. to the person who asked me to write a post on what my ideal woman would be...I dont think thats possible. Because all the "Mr./Ms. I like to misinterpret and get overly emotional" 's might read into the things I say too far and say Im being colorist...or something. Hater's get bored, they'll make up something to make me look bad. But a post like that for them would like finding gold. No matter how much good you do, someone will always be around to try to find your flaws and tear you apart...but of course they'll never do it with a face. lol. Thats the best part. Stupid internet bullies are real life wimps.

Enjoy your day guys, Ill be back to post later.

(I didnt re-read this post so sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes)

From here on, when you leave a hater comment, leave your full name and email and a picture of yourself. If you want the shine, I can help you. Ill blog you. If you aint got a picture, holla at me, we'll book some studio time and you can bet your ass that Ill shoot you. :)


BNyce said...

whoaaa whoaa whooaaa WILL!!!

what are you doing??????????

People can assume what they wanttt, so what!!! U know you not no racist. Hell if anything. The Asian culture when threw the same shit blacks went threw.

People get affended off of nonsence now days. Like seriously. GET OVER IT!!!!!

You blackkkkk in my eyes hell lol. Actually no.. Your Asian and who has more black friends then most black people themself. Nothing wrong with that!

You dont needa explain yoself about it though yo.. You know who you are and yo friends already know wassup!!

XOxo - Stephie said...

"No matter how much good you do, someone will always be around to try to find your flaws and tear you apart..."

Oh so true. But fuck the haters! Do you 'cause OBVIOUSLY everyone else is loving it except that one dumbass, SMH.

The Definition said...

Damn. I don't know who said something, but I feel a lil embarassed for you lol. Will just SNAPPED on that ass! Talk about what'chu know about or you'll get your feelins hurt.

Anonymous said...

You feel nice? You got your own post. You should probably print this out and frame it in your lil scrapbook of "Stupid comments I like to leave on peoples blogs where I confront the writer in an ignorant manner and judge them before asking for clarification because I am an overly emotional and analytical and excluded individual from my community and I am ambivalent."


wow, damn will, tell 'em how you really feel lol

sad that we can't see the ideal person post, would've have been interesting

thanks for ruining the fun, whoever you are LOL

Anonymous said...

Jee, i thought the p.s. part was sarcastic

Anonymous After A • TheLegendsLeague • said...

After reading that whole post and the frozen groceries that I have still on my kitchen floor all melty and fucking up my tiles, I have come to one conclusion:

You're fucked for making the letters red. That makes you a "Colorist" you moron!

Best post ever.

Mr.Warbucks et Fam*us said...

Never mind what haters say, just ignore them till they fade away

It's funny whoever could be hating on you could be the same people you take pics of.....you know who you are...fuck 'em...They are as useless as toilet paper stuck the bottom of your shoe..that's all they are

Anonymous said...

4real 4real..u really dont have 2 explain yaself..sumone is juss really hatin cuz dey have nothin else betta 2 do!

seven said...

coloring is fun... especially when you're a kid! lol

Spexxx said...

Wow...some people really need unwedge their panties!

As I've been in this situation before, it def seems like this person is using this as a cheap excuse to get their undercover hate on. Unfortunately we're both learning that this happens often in our city when your out there grinding and when a lot of people know who you are.
Its funny how they have so much to say about your comment, but nothing about our 'Blasian' pic when I'm the one being ignorant! But I have a lot of Asian folk so they know its all love, just like we ALL know when you say something like that its clearly a joke and said with NO malice!

Keep doing you brother, I got you on the next two Coronas!

HeinzMoleman said...

Will u fucking racist........

...lol yo u gave that person too much of your energy and time. u don't need to explain yourself, i seen that comment Spexxx wrote and im not even on the inside of the joke to know...it was a joke lol the people around u know who u are and what u are, no need to explain...u dirty racist lmao

"i love you" © Will Ferrel via Old School..tell me what scene that is and u can give me give. yerp.

narrylikes said...

"If you aint got a picture, holla at me, we'll book some studio time and you can bet your ass that Ill shoot you."

Funny funny! Ignore the kids, Will... ignore :)

Anonymous said...

i am old and i don't have a blogger account but i do read your blog. if you posted an email address i would have sent this to you directly.

i was in kinda the same situation as you describe when i was growing up, also - having a group of friends of a different "race" from my own, and i was the target of a lot of people's hurtful comments and a lot of incidents that felt like racism and hate to me.

i guess the only thing i can say to you is consider yourself privliged that you are in this amazing position to see things and experience things that those who "stick to their own kind" do not. in the process however, you will stir up a lot of different reactions from folks who don't know you. those inside jokes you can make with your friends get other people's backs up and they lash out. as i got older i realized that people are carrying around a lot of pain about issues of "race" and "culture" and that what i represnted made them angry, without them even knowing me. you can't ever control that, but what you can do is become an ally against racism and a support to others in your life when they go through these negative experiences.

peace...(from someone old enough to be your mothers!)

Anonymous said...

I just wish you didn't use the "my best friend is black" line. lol

J. said...

uh yeah. Dont explain yourself to whoever that person was. I don't even know you and I know you aren't racist. Like I said before, you are freakin blacker than me. lol

But seriously, please help me. How the heck do you enable comments on your blog. Im wiggin out over here. ahhhhhh.