Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of 2008?

Its the last day before the last year of the first decade of the 21st century...

I thought Id write something meaningful...Ill prolly spend the day with my lil sister and trying to find something decent to wear tomorrow night to work...and in case anyone is wondering, Ill be @ Inside for the Champagne Dreams party shooting jager bombs! lmfao...*ahem...I mean...shooting pictures.

I really wanted to write a review of the year...but Im not sure how well that would play out, I still have a lot of mixed feelings about certain situations that has most certainly cast a large shadow on my overall views of 2008.

So Ill leave that out...but we'll see how I feel by the end of the post.

If life were a movie, then 2008 served merely as the opening scene credits...
I have introduced you to every relevant character in my life that Im hoping will be important to the plot and the development of my own character...(so far anyways) the only person that hasnt been cast yet...or maybe she already has but her character has to built, is my soul mate...but that'll unravel as the plot begins to unfold.

Im hoping that this movie is going to be really inspiration and deep. Make sure you're already pissed and you have your popcorn in hand...its going to be a long movie...and hopefully worth the ass numbness when you get up.

Hopefully, everyone that I have been introduced to this year, that I thanked 2 or 3 posts back will continue to play a part in this movie and that there arent too many twists and turns in terms of friendships or betrayals or other things of that sort.

If my life were an album, then the prelude has just ended.

This is merely the beginning of the story for me and the movement that I am documenting in Toronto.
This is frame at a time...

Someone commented a post or 2 back asking, what is the meaning of the card on my desk that says "T.O. (broken heart) U" ?
Toronto is often dubbed as the Screwface Capital because we usually dont support our own industry and artists. There are a lot of haters and shit talkers out here. The reason why Toronto is taking so long to grow is because of its critics and doubters.
The line is actually "T.O. Dont Love U" which is a design and phrase coined by Bryan Espirtu of the Legends League. Bry printed these logos on shirts and sweaters, and ironically, it became a hot item in the winter and spring of 2008.

Im hoping that 2009 brings a better year for the city and with all the movements in and around the city, maybe the people will have something to be more to proud of to call home.

My mom always said, "A tree by itself is just a tree, but two trees together is shelter."

Our city cant make it on the back of just one rapper, or just one singer, or one designer, one group, one institution, one anything...unless its one unified movement.
YOU and I are the first three letters of UNITY. (YOU-AND-I-T-Y for the slow pokes. lol)

If this is our home, we need to recognize that and own it. If this house comes tumbling down...its only you and I who dwell in it...its only you and I that suffer. If theres a problem inside this house, we need to fix it as a family, because our issues are internal.

I know Im getting mad preacher like, but I think its a good thing for you guys to think about, even if you aint from Toronto.

Someone just msged me asking, how come I aint sleeping yet, its 4am.

Im up because Im trying to inspire change through the only medium I have access to.
Its a worth a shot to spark a mind that may one day make a difference.

This past year has been amazing to me. Ive had people in the most random places coming up to me, saying my name, introducing themselves to me, shaking my hand and saying that they read the blog and thank you for helping them get through some of the most difficult times theyve flattered and honored to say the least.
Ive received tons of emails and msgs from random strangers as well just reaching out and saying the same things.

Im not fishing for compliments with this, but someone once commented on a post and said, thanks for sticking up for us nice guys out here...that comment has never left my mind since I read it.
The more I think about the more I realize thats sorta what I represent. Although I have a potty mouth and like getting drunk when I drink...Im still a nice guy. I think theres this perception that, once you get into the industry, you become this monster, you become contaminated by the popularity, the parties, the drugs, the girls...the whatever the hell else comes with it that people lose themselves and become immoral and lose the ability to think consciously.
Not saying that Im a big shot celebrity by any means, but I think what makes me a bit more interesting (sometimes) is the fact that Im out here...and Im an anamolie.

That someone can still be cool, still be doing crazy things, partying all the time, know a lotta industry folks but can still not be a whore, arrogant and full of himself, that can still be real.

A lot of people in the industry actually think its odd that Im the way I am...that I dont bag chicks everynight night, that Im not doing drugs or that Im humble and modest.

At the end of the day, Im still a normal person.
Im just a normal person who just does cool things.
Im just a cool person who still does normal things.

Im still Will.
Still that same ol' G.

I always tell myself, fuck what everyone else thinks about me. Ill be me the way I wanna be me. If I make it out here, Im gonna make it being William Nguyen...not what anyone wants me to be, not what anyone thinks I am, not what anyone else says...
Im gonna be me the way I want to be.
Im sitting where I am today because Im me. Im no fraud. I speak whats on my mind, and Im a straight up dude.
Love me or hate me.
But if you love me, I only want you to love me for me, not for any other reason but. Accept me as I am, flaws and all. When I meet someone, the first things I try to read is their genuiness and sincerity...are you putting on a front to get something out of me or are you just being straight and forward with who you are.

If you're here for business, cut the friend talk and spit numbers.
If you're here for friendship, cut the bullshit and the pretend games.
Frauds are the wackest people alive.

If I wanna get drunk on a fuckin saturday and stumble down the stairs and yack in my be it. Thats me.
If I wanna shake a woman's hand and tell her that Im slightly intimidated by her presence and beauty, so be it.
Im human, I have my weaknesses, my flaws, my problems, my defects, my issues and my emotions...Im not ashamed of them. Everything Im not makes me everything I am.
I believe in honesty...Ive accepted who I am and I refuse to lie to myself nor anyone else.
Im proud of the person that Ive become so I show you who I am to the fullest...

So I guess more or less what Im trying to say is, to everyone who is just getting to this point...
to the point where you're finally being recognized or you're finally beginning to establish yourself or even just find yourself...embrace yourself for the very person you are. You dont want people loving you for what you represent...or an idea of who you MIGHT want love because of who you really are.

I will admit Ive been guilty of trying to be an idea for people to love...and Ive also been guilty of loving ideas of a person as opposed to the person, several times...

Dont lie to yourself and change for anyone unless its for you.
If you cant find a reason to change, dont change, because you'll go right back to who you were before. This doesnt mean be ignorant and oblivious though.
Dont try so hard to fit in...there are no rules to success. We all make our own paths...and we all have different starting points and different finish lines...but understand it isnt a race...theres only a track...the only thing running with you is the move at your own pace.

I dont even know where Im going with this post...

Sometimes people ask me whats the purpose of my blog, whats my story for loving photography.

My reason for loving photography is the ability to document a moment in time. I can capture any one action during any split second and eternalize it for all of time.
I was always hoping to be famous or well known for whatever reason, and some day have a biographical picture about me...Im not sure for what reason Id ever be famous, but I was hoping I just would be. For every movie or film, there is a someone called a director of photography who plots what scenes will sort of look consider me the director of photography to my own life...Im documenting and prepping the frames my biopic through these Sounds lame, but its the truth.
The blog has a different purpose though. My blog is your access to my mind, thoughts and experiences. I write because I want to inspire people to think and share ideas. I leave myself vulnerable and completely open because I encourage the same to everyone else. Through articulation comes understanding. In case you ever think its really wack to say or write something, Im creating precedence for you, a comfort zone, a more relaxed and open environment for you to just release your emotions and feelings without fear of judgements and criticisms. It is one of the most beautifulest things when I just rant about things I think are bullshit and have people comment back and say like, OMG, I was thinking the same shit.

I dont know how I plan to inspire change or if my method is even effective...but maybe some of the things I will say will hit the mind of someone who has the ability to mobilize and make greater progress than I have the capacity to. If all I ever do is change just one mind, than Ive accomplished what I was set to do.

My plans for my future are quite complex and still needs a lot of revising as I still learning about myself and my capabilities. I will break it down for you another time.

Ill just to end this post off here by saying, I wish everyone the best of luck in the new year. Let all the troubles and problems be left behind you once the clock strikes 12. Let the next 365 days be yours to own and reap happiness, success, love and peace from.
Ill see you in the new year.

This may sound funny as hell, but as the days go by, Id like to get to know all of my readers a bit more. Please leave a comment or email me @ or add me on facebook (William Nguyen). Im also doing this becasue I know a lot of people have a lot of more personal things theyd like to say or ask without having to commenting publicly on a its all gravy.

So if you guys have blogs or projects that you're working on, Id like to see them. Id like to be here for you, as you have for me.

I thank you guys for all the love and support Ive received since I started this blog.

My sincerest thank you's.

It means more than you'll ever know.

My hat goes off to you really would not be the same without you.

Ill be counting in the New Year with all of you guys in mind.

*Will tips his hat.

ps. sorry for any typos or grammatical errors, I didnt proofread this post.


Anonymous said...

it's so crazy because i saw you the other day and i wanted to talk to you but i was like "uhh no, he'll probably think i'm crazy" or "he's not even gonna bother to try and talk, he'll be like 'yeah, hi' and walk away" lol. but at least i know if i see you again you're open to conversation.

Anonymous said...

i fucking love you william nguyen. i really really do. you are by far the coolest person's blog i've ever read. i love your blog because you are not afraid. you share without reserve, although you may have to recant you are never afraid. i love it. you could never know how your blog has changed my life, but know this i am better for reading it. you make me feel better about who i am because alot of the things you say are so similar to what i've been through and think, and like you i just have to express myself. i'm happy you found a medium to that. much success to you in the new year.

- A loyal reader

Cass said...

Great post Willie. I loved it! Keep doing you, and i wish you the best in the New Year. I wish you Health, Happiness, Love, Prosperity and Wealth homie; Keep your head up!!!
Last Of A Dying Breed...

D said...

So being the long winded person that I am sometimes :), I was going to write some really long and drawn out essay in response to this post. However, I decided against it. Maybe I'll just email it to you:P

But for now all I'll say is its love...I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. Your my fav!

I can't even go to other peoples blogs now cause I'm gonna be comparing it to yours since I love it so. Like "Will doesnt do that", "Will's blog has this why doesn't yours?", in the end I'm gonna b like "Nah, Will's is better...goin back there now."

Freak a crackberry…I’m addicted to the WILLderness...chea!

B safe and have fun tonight bringin in 09! No drinkin and driving...peeeace!

tilt said...

cheers to you will and all the things to come, this year was great, and next will be even better.

i'm looking forward what your movie will turn out to be and same with my own as i'm sure everyone else will.

love ur mom's quote on "two trees together is shelter", so true in regarding everything in T.O. we need to stick together, stand up together and respect one another. Only together change can be made. UNITY never heard that one b4.

All the best to you & your fam in '09.

Happy New Year Bro.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Willy's blog and Willy. Tell em not to hold back on the comments, i read those too

Vick said...

like u already changed my mind on one of ur last posts cause i sure was about to get the iphone and i thought i was the shiit till i read the Blackberry blog, so i looked it up and i fell in love with the Blackeberry so i THANK YOU//

Faatima said...

I have a blog myself
and im learning to be vulnerable with the world so they can accept me as i am, and your New Years post is helping me do so.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

i just started my first blog. i have you to thank for that lol..never really liked to open up thats a big problem i have...then i started reading your blog alot of shit has been going in my life for the past year and i never really said anything to anyone about it close friends of mine and maybe 1 person in my family knew but other than that i kept it all inside. I hated 08. but im gonna make alotta changes.. see where the changes lead me. neways hope you had a good new year.


Anonymous said...
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