Friday, January 2, 2009

TO: you

I offer you a drive home so I can spend more time with you even if it is out of my way.
I play some old hip hop in my car so you can reminisce of happy times.
I open your door and hold your hand while you get out to let you know chivalry still exists.
I walk you to the door because I want you to know I care to take those extra steps (literally and figuratively)...and because I just like to see you when I look over my shoulder...
I hug you and not try to act slick.
I walk away, and turn back only in time to throw a last minute wave and smile.
I get in my car and only drive after I have had time to quickly replay that last image of your precious smile as you waved bye and said thank you.

I drive away, call my best friend and tell him...'She just made my new year.'


Anonymous said...

soooo cute

Ameena Ashley said...

very sweet

Anonymous said...

toooo any friends just like you?

Anonymous said...

...they still do exist.

I guess I'll continue to stay patient.

It'll be worth it.

Thanks for conformation Will. Thank You.

Maяіa .:* said...

…and I sat there all year last year, thinking chivalry was dead.

*taps the mic* … Will is a Romeo.

The Definition said...

Niceness. I'm glad your first post for the new year was a good one. Whoever "you" are, thanks for making Will smile!

Soulo said...

I feel you... That's deep. Dope poem too.

Anonymous said...

Cute! But I don't recall this night :S