Saturday, January 10, 2009

$741 @ the BOWLING ALLEY???!!!

The Remix staff and some others headed up to Lucky Strike bowling alley up in Maple tonight to celebrate Drex and Brock's Bday...

Ill post the rest of the pictures tmr...

But fuck! $741 at the bowling alley?! Like fuck! Who does that?
We popped a bottle of Goose and 2 bottles of Clicquot!
Thats only one of the bills though, there were 3 separate bills. lol

Who does that? lmao
One hell of a night though, thats for sure.

I definitely have the greatest day job and I definitely work with the greatest people ever.

*Will tips his hat


Anonymous said...

That video put a smile on my face!!

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Dope, dope night man.

Anonymous said...

i dont see a video

Anonymous said...

does that bill go on remix tab??

Chilly Willy said...

No, that particular bill belongs to a staff member. There were 3 separate bills. We wouldn't be popping bottles under a remix tab! Lol
We're government funded for god sakes! Lol

Good question tho

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Get Money Make Change baby.

Anonymous said...

was this last night? if so, you guys are the reason there was a one hour wait! lol me and my friends tried to bowl and we weren't even trying to wait. and we were wondering why the place was so packed too.
$741? that must have been some serious bowling that night lol

Chilly Willy said...

Yea. This was last nite. We were bowling in the last 4 lanes from like 11ish-2. Lol.
Yea...some of these guys be stunting. Lol
The place gave us some free games cuz we popped bottles.
So that may explain why we were there so late.

But hey, it aint trickin if u got it.


Soulo said...

Bowwwwwwliiiinnnn! Lol