Saturday, January 3, 2009

really? u think im 'a little asian wannabe black' ?


I dont know what to even say to a comment that I received on a previous wow!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the ear peice at the club...thats just wack!......
but as far as the opinion on the dudes looks..or dress...I think that is up to the eye of the to each is own..
cuz you know ppl can be saying who is this little asian wanna be black bla bla bla blah....and you know you must have heard that shit.........i'm not trying to offend you.....i'm just giving you a perspective........


I understand you're trying to give me perspective...but who is thinking that?
is it you who thinks Im trying to be black but your hiding behind the curtain while doing so?
Why would you think other people think that?
I dont get it.

I dont know if I should be offended or if black people should be offended by such a comment...
Like think about that...

I msged a crapload of people on my blackberry asking if they ever thought I was just an Asian wanting to be black...everyone said no and laughed...and then they all said...but what the fuck does it mean to be black...

These were some of their responses:

Jason Johnson
I am offended I hate what "those" black represent and try to maintain. They have sooo much pride in being at the bottom of the barrel and expect every other black person to be there *bull shit* black is just the fucking colour of my skin it doesn't define me! Black isn't a characteristic I am who I am and I will not let my colour define me

Dre said:
Whoever this person is just sees a black person as just stereotypes and not just a normal person.....I really do get tired of hearing that shit. we're a new generation we shouldn't be on this shit and really does hurt me to see the hating sometimes.

Like I really dont get it...what about me makes me look like I want to be black?
Because I have a lot of black friends I want to be black? If they hang around with me does that mean they want to be Asian? Because I listen to music made by black artists?

I really dont get it?
Do I dress black?
But how do black people dress?
Are we working with the stereotype of baggy clothes, hoodies and baseball caps?
Is that their cultural attire or something?
And do all black people dress like that?
And if that is the stereotype, I dont even dress like that, so I dont get it.
If its clothes your referring to, than thats even more fuct up...cuz I wear fitted does hat mean everyone in fitted clothes is dressing black?
I dont get it.

We're all well aware of black stereotypes...although you're not trying to offend me and give me a perspective...but perspectives of who?
What benefit does this perspective give me now that I know?
And do I give a fuck for this perspective?

But is black?
How are you going to define black to me?
What does it mean when u say black?
Hood? ghetto? thug? ...or whatever other degrading words you may have?
And if you (the commenter) are black, shame on you for making such an ignorant remark against your own.

I am color blind.
I may make jokes about light skins and dark skins, but its all in good humor and its with people that know me well and understand my intentions and my train of thought, I dont make it randomly. Same way when I make fun of someone's weight or when I call someone dumb...I dont mean what I say, its in good humor.

But a comment asian wanting to be black?
I know a lot of really educated, established and successful black people.
Are those the black people you are referring to, too?
Because really, that is what I think of.
And Im not just saying that to suck up to anyone, anyone who knows me, knows I see no color.
Every black person that I associate with on a regular basis is a working professional and is someone I have a lot of respect and love for...
But somehow, I feel like your comment wasnt in referrence to these particular black individuals...

There is so much more Id like to say...but Im going to start swearing and getting really heated.

I have a big problem with racism...I don't mind jokes between friends that understand eachother and mean no malice and as long as its nothing too offensive...but things like downplaying a whole culture and just plain ignorance really upsets me.

We need to all learn to see people for who they really are regardless of what they look like. Ill like u or hate you for who u are...and judge u accordingly based on our relationships and interactions...and if our relationship is sour, it doesn't reflect on everyone that has ur skin color.

I'm hoping the person who wrote this post didn't mean any malice behind their words, and it may have been an innocent mistake...but u should be more careful with your choice of words...especially when it has to do with race.
Its a very dangerous place to be.

Yea, and so what? I made a post about how I think some ppl are wack at clubs and have too much self esteem for no fucking reason. Yea I said it. But understand I'm a fuckin joker. I aint hating on a group, a race or a category of ppl. Its me merely making fun of a handful of ppl. And yea its in the eye of the beholder, one mans trash is another mans treasure...yea, I get it. But its called crackin a joke.
You know when u write an essay, u select a particular argument, u either create or find evidence for ur argument and u kinda of ignore or softly identify a few counter arguments and variables, but u downplay the counter arguments for the sake of ur argument to be effective! ...some of you might not have made it past middle school and never wrote an essay and seem to have been offended by what I said. I can only shrug and say I'm sorry you missed the joke and the humor behind what I wrote.

A lot of people are just mad sensitive about a lot of bullshit issues...and some of them will come around making racist remarks...consciously or need to be more aware of your word selection.

I'd really like to know how you guys feel about this issue.
Like are you offended? Do you agree?
What does it mean to black?
and Do I even look like I'm trying to be black...whatever 'black' in this context means...
I don't even get the basis for this claim...neither did anyone else I messaged?

Ps. And yes, I do enjoy these posts. Please, I invite all ignorant msgs. I will address them all. I love having an opportunity to just vent and blow up! I await the ignorant phrases and comments.
But the point of this post is not to just put a commenter on blast, but to educate you.
If I point this out, hopefully, you will be more aware and hopefully gain perspective on your own perspective point. Like I said, racism is an issue that really hits me.

I understand that sometimes there are certain traits that are specific to certain cultures...but Ill let Rachel tell you this...she articulated it better than I could have.

Rachel says: I feel u some people just identify with a culture more so than others but I don't see it as trying to be anything unless its unatural. But coming honestly from someone who attended an all black univeristy and grew up raised in a white community there are certain cultural differences that can be "loosely" defined by race. Key word being "loosely" because when u generalize with anything it becomes ignorant. I embrace some sterotypes and take on as an abassador to prove some of them wrong. You can acknowledge these differences but The whole point is to accept and not to generalize.

And to the person who originally posted that comment, please, I'd like to hear from you what you meant by 'black'. I'm really interested.

The clarification would be greatly appreciated.


Natalie said...

I love when people see past race, because truth is a lot of people don't. It makes me want to be closer to those people who don't look at my colour like it's ID...

^^^The fact that I say that is sad, because it makes it seem as if racism is common (which it isn't for me as I surround myself with good people)

I don't know what that person's motive was but like they say, "When you point (something negative out), three fingers are pointing back at you meaning it's a reflection of your character...

I don't want to offend that person as I don't know exactly what their motive was... but I'd refrain from that as I hate that a race "HAS" to define certain behaviour.

BUT here's the most ignorant comment I've heard directly to me:


Ghanaian Independence Day:

I wear a Kente scarf around my neck, we wear uniform so I wanted to be a little patriotic, I walk into my form room

B (my friend): Oh, you're Ghanaian?

Me: No, I'm Sierra Leonean (she's known me for 2 years I'd expect her to know I'm Ghanaian)

C(new girl): Oh, you're from Sierra Leone, with all them guns and that?

Me: (I stare at her) No, I am actually Ghanaian but you know what you said is so offensive, even more so to a Sierra Leonean

It still made no difference, I only replied not to encourage her question but to let her know it was wrong. So wrong... and I know she only said that because she watched Blood Diamond... I was speechless.

Please tell me that isn't mad ignorant. Like that's what Sierra Leone stands for. CRAZY

Anonymous said...

what a shame to see that people are still so ignorant

Amanda said...

Ignorant that's all Will.

I go through that everyday. I'm a black girl that goes to school with mostly black students. My friends are also black. But its like when I open my mouth to talk they always say "why you trying to be white". Because I talk proper I'm trying to be white,like there are black people that talk proper too.

I don't get it either Will.

tilt said...


that's just plain ignorant. All I can say about the person that made that comment isn't educated/cultured,etc....

I remember when I was in High School and being the only guy on the bball team who wasn't black (i'm filipino), and like Willy, have a lot of black friends and grew up with them. Yet the minute I started dating a black girl in my school, I had threats against me. Certain people started looking at me different, saying you should stick to your own, etc, saying their gonna jump me.

Like its their decision for me to date whomever or its their decision for her to date whomever. Needless to say, the people that did remark those comments were at the bottom of the barrel like "Jason" said.

They were people who had the lowest grades, skipped class, sold weed, drugs, etc.

These people are gonna get left behind in the cold and keep blaming everyone for their misfortune or where they are in life and never themselves. "My boss is an idiot, my mom blah blah, my friend, blah blah, the bus driver blah blah,

Until you (person that made the comment) learn that you create your life, your destiny, your reality, you will stay at the bottom of the barrel where you deserve to be, and it will just get harder and harder to come up if you ever decide to make that change.

Like T.I. said in "LIVE YOUR LIFE"

"don't matter what them haters say, IGNORE them til they FADE away."

Hopefully the person that made this comment and others that may think the same, can learn to open their mind & heart.

Its a New Year & I'm going to Washington to see the first Black President, who'd ever thought, (those that believed)


Anonymous said...

with all do respect, people do thimk shit like that. the people you know said they don't but i doubt many peaple are willing to admit what they thought of you when they first saw you. alot of people can say alot of shit about peole wanting to be black, black is the mainstream. black culture has been jacked for so long people seem to no longer notice. i'm not saying you are jacking but i honestly can see how a person who knows nothing about you can come to that conclusion.this may seem a little off but when i was in high school i wrote a poem about this particular situation for bhm. i think i'll share.

In blackness it is said there is no pureness of skin
but i know that the pureness it is within
A history defined by truth
a sisterhood personified by ruth
our brothers that they try to call uncooth
yet and still there is a need to participate
in a heritage in which they cannot relate
saying blackness is a state of mind
listening to you're tupac and biggie...just let me rewind
to a time where wanting to black was not a part of the equation
so much injustice and discrimination there was no relationship with me because of my tone
but hey i'm glad to hear whiteboys check it on the microphone
it lets me know that we've come a long way but there still is long to go
i can call i white boy my baby, don't care if anybody knows
and this isn't a plea to be deep or profound
i'm just saying it loud
that i am black and i am proud
for no stones will cry out and speak for me
everyone will know that i am a part of a growing dynasty
thats not only me
but has become everything
blackness has hit the mainsteam
we went from the bottom to the top
i thought i told you that we wont stop
you can't run you can't hide
country stars and rap stars performing side by side
a revolution is alive
its time to seize the monent
cause you don't i want it
not to be judged by the color of my skin but of the content of my character
know that what i've said has been heard and turned into more than a fairytale
a heritage so rich i can never deny
the one that brougt us through it all, the most high
so if you coming don't call me out my name
and if trying to join know this is more than a game
this isn't a diary of a mad black woman
just a poem from one who knows where she came from
* a strong fist in the air

Davron said...

Well Will my friend if your asian trying to be black .... lol im black trying to be an alien lol

Anonymous said...

The comment itself was ignorant... the individual's intent was probably to leave a perspective, but it just looked flat out ill-mannered and offensive.
And I'm not understanding the whole "wannabe black" thing. I thought black was a color, not a set of traits that a person has.

Anitah SparkZ said...


The person who made the comment...

Ok so first of all let me start off by saying in no way was I commenting to come off negative or ignorant...I was just reading what you said and I thought about what people would say about you, not knowing what your about......and that was just an example of what I came up no means was I trying to offend you & I must say for you to write a blog about it....and to pin ppl & ask them what they think...I sense your a little insecure about it...which is normal...we're all insecure some way other the other........

As far as what ppl had to say about my comment and there conclusions as to what I'm's all good...cuz ya'll don't know me.....

As far as being black......
if you want to get deep with it...
I believe to some extent we are all Black...due to the levels of Melanin in our body...and I also believe Black People are the Original People...& if you do your research and trace your roots...whether your indian, asian, spanish will find that it all leads to finding that info maybe hard due to the fact that we are living in a world of white supremacy, where the ppl in power don't want you to know that kind of (oh no white ppl are going to get offended...another blog is in the works lol) but what I do mean by that is...the power...the dictatorship, the standards are european.......don't be offended I'm not talking about Mr. Rogers in your

ANYWAY...back to the question....when I said being black, I took the perspective that you took and flipp'd it on you...just to show you what others maybe thinking of you at first impression..just like you do with your "Jokes"......its not what I think...its what I thought others may think of you at first glance......and what sparked my thought was the way you came off..which is some what judgemental & ignorant on your part.....But I understand that it can be jokes...

We all do it....feed into stereotypes...and call non black ppl "wiggers" etc....and if you actually say you don't.....
lol (btw I am not saying its correct to do this!)

As far as ppl who are not black that grew up to hiphop, lived in I don't know Malvern....etc etc you are a product of your environment.....I completely understand if you say "wha gwan"...and your not Jamaican...its all can be natural to you...BUT if your fakin' the funk...hell it ain't my DO YOU!

Give Thanks for actually taking the time out for my comment......I hope this clarified somethings....

Feel free to blog about me anytime...........:)

I go by

Anitah Sparkz


D said...

I’ve been trying to figure out the most articulate way of saying what I want to say however, it hasn’t been working. But I’ll try…

I would love to say that I am surprised by comments like that but I’m not. I myself have said things like that. I remember when Eminem came out I was like “Who is this white boy trying to be black?” Mind you I was going off the art form he was involved in, who he hung around, and the way he dressed. As I’ve gotten older I have since learned, and things like that now seem incredibly ridiculous. It’s not hard to believe though because as much as we like to think we’ve grown (and some of us have) many people are still stuck on race and there is division which still exists. I mean for goodness sakes some people didn’t want Obama to be in office because of his race. Crazynessss!

It’s coincidental that this is even a post because I’ve been having conversations about race with friends of mine for the past week or so. One of my friends is Trinidadian and her husband is Black. So we were at working talking about going to New York and she’s like yea I have family there I haven’t seen in a while, we’re not that close anymore. I was like “why?” she’s like well they don’t accept my husband. I’m thinking ok maybe it’s because they got married young (17 shes 23 now) or they think he treats her bad. However, even if that was the case it’s been oh 6 years so you think they’d know better. But oh no, silly me. The reason was because he’s Black. I was like wow. Like what year is this? She proceeded to tell me that her parents still really don’t like him but they “tolerate” him because of her. Literally, I was and still am flabbergasted. I cannot believe that there are still people who have issues with interracial dating. Or who still say things like you’re trying to act black/white whatever. Grow the fuck up!

Another conversation I was having was with my bestie about this little boy her cousin takes care of. He’s like 9, his dad is White and his mom is Black. She was telling me that he had been getting into fights in school. My thought, oh some kids are picking on him or he’s being a bully. But again silly me, he’s been getting into fights because kids were teasing him about his dad being White and him being mixed. WTF? At that age race is something that they realize and it’s enough that their teasing someone? At 9! I didn’t know jack squat at that age! At 6/7 I had four best friends: one was Black, one was White, and two were Vietnamese. Race what? I knew we were different but we were friends... and that’s all I cared about. But I don’t blame the kids, their kids, I blame the parents. They’re learning it from somewhere and things like that always start in the home in my opinion. So my friends like I told him to stop telling people he’s mixed so he won’t get into fights. I said homie, do you realize how dumb that sounds? Why does he have to (as if he could) stop being who he is for the sake of people who don’t like it? No! I feel like if he wanted to run around screaming from mountains at the top of his lungs that he’s mixed he should and if people say something he should take a different approach: ignore them. Ignorance only grows if you pay attention to it.

Whew! Pardon the essay but I don’t know how to make things short and sweet. (In person I’m the complete opposite tho) And now that we know the comment wasn’t meant the way it was received, it still started an interesting dialogue. One that I feel is necessary for us to move on from this mind frame people are stuck in that’s not progressive.

P.s. Rachel did sum up a few things very well and I concur. And Amanda as well with her comment about speaking proper when you’re surrounded by Black people and them calling you white. Been there done that in middle school. “D, you talk so white.” “Why do you listen to that white people music?” Sue me because I have varied musical tastes! Geez! Newho, that’s my piece and I love everyone! So *shrugs


P.s.s. to the fact that tilt is coming from T.O to see the inauguration and I live like 40 mins away and can’t get there….grr.

The Sikkness said...

All I can say to this is that whenever I get on ur blog ... I never feel like you ever EVER forgot where you came from, I saw post about your family, your friends, your love.. your blood.. and I see Will, that wicked asian from toronto surrounded by great people that made him who he is. Great struggles that made him strong.
Do I need to say more? Shit I can go all night long with this, but seriously, what can you do or say to get a clear explanation to this comment?
Do ur thing boy, keep your feet on the ground and reach for the sky.
Dont forget where you come from & I know you keep it real, so real it scares lazy bad minded people. haha
-SiKK..mad love from Montreal

Anonymous said...

there is a lot of truth to stereotypes but also alot of ignorance however i dont see the comment as being overly ignorant...

she simply made an observation which others might make...

Jai. said...

Ignore my writing but ya girl is tired as hell, lol, but…

Damn, I feel like whoever wrote that is Frankenstein and yall are the townspeople. lol But seriously some people might think that you are trying to be Black. People are ignorant and make assumptions based on who you surround yourself with, your language, your lifestyle etc. People stereotype the "hip-hop lifestyle"(I really don’t know what else to call it) as strictly a “Black lifestyle" and if you are into certain things that a lot of Black people are into, then ta-da, you are officially "trying to be Black" ex. Eminem. But people don’t realize how the mainstream media throughout time has soaked in Black culture (rock, rap, language, style, dance, damn near everything etc) and spit it out into pop culture (reminds me of Outkast “Hollywood Divorce” esp. Wayne’s verse and Andre’s little bit at the end). Anywho, it’s like so are all non-Black people trying to be Black if they like things created by Black people? Or if most of their friends are Black are they now trying to be Black? Because as you know, Black is not one particular person or lifestyle or culture and that stereotyping is what gets people into trouble. But anyway I think it’s a little extreme to call that person a racist or assume they are “uneducated or not cultured” because then who is the one stereotyping? There are ALOT of very educated people who have ignorant "tendencies" or thoughts.The main problem I have with the statement is the "little Asian" part. forreal?

And on the seeing past race deal, I’m going to be completely honest with you, I SEE COLOR. And just because I do so doesn’t mean that I stereotype or identify a person based off of it. I can see past it, but I don’t ignore race. Sometimes I think people are so uncomfortable with race or race relations that they don’t want to deal with it and rather ignore it completely, which is sad. I don’t think I should have to ignore someone’s race because I think our differences make us beautiful. The different cultures/races are a part of what makes life interesting. If we just ignored race/culture just think about how boring shit would be; we wouldn’t learn anything from each other based on our differences. All in all, I will never ignore race. It does not make me uncomfortable nor does it make me a racist to do so, I guess I just have an appreciation for it, our differences.

Oh and if you would like to some craziness check this out,ew:

The Definition said...

Well, my two cents is this...I'm not going to lie and say I've never spoken of someone in those terms. Hell, in jest, I've spoken of myself in those terms. However, there is a difference when you know what you're doing and when you're just talking out of your ass. If I come out my mouth and say, "Look at so and so he's tryna act black." what I'm really thinking is that of all the things you could take from the black culture [or any culture for that matter] to replicate, its that? The stereotype, the fucked up negative shit? For a person of color to point that out like its something positive? Really? I mean the person made a statement that is was about what "other" people may think of you [Will] when they first see you, but honestly to even formulate a statement like that a part of you has to believe it too. To be perfectly honest I think the person that made the comment automatically assumed that based on the description "Buddy Ralph" was black. Think about that. Someone is being described in a some what negative connotation and you just assume they're black. What does that say about you and your mindset?

All this black people original people nonsense, wow. Don't get me wrong I love who I am and you can believe whatever you want, but no one knows for sure who or what was first in anything on this earth and in this universe. People swear they are such free and open-minded thinkers and still defend every and anything they read in a book by people they don't know. I do it too, but like I said before there is a difference between knowing better/doing better and basking in your own ignorance.

Seriously though, do yall wonder if animals have this issue? Like, do Giraffes say to one another, "Uh-uh you're not a giraffe. You have too many spots, you must wanna be a Leopard or some shit." this race bull is JUST as ridiculous!

AnitaH SparkZ said...

To that Last Comment.....

Your sleeping girl...WAKE UP!
Know Thy Self!

Research MELANIN & You'll find out alot about who the original ppl are.........

Lol...and don't assume cuz in no way did I say that buddy ralph was black............

I just gotta laugh at your comment!


Anonymous said...

You do realize that the melanin research is just a theory, right? It's possible that it could also have happened the other way around. In the end, does that matter? I certainly don't care how the human race came about. After all, we're all just humans living on one planet. Where our origins stemmed from should not be an issue. I couldn't care less if the human race started in Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. There really are better things to be proud of than laying claim to things that may never be proven. No disrespect but to me, it sounds childish to hear someone using that as a counter argument in the face of racism. It doesn't help the problem.

Anonymous said...

^^i agree it does not matter where you're from, it's where you're at...