Sunday, January 4, 2009


christmas eve dougie dance off from PHOTO WILL on Vimeo.

So sorry that its taken so long to blog this video...Nadia's been loafting on her authorization to post it. lol

I spent Christmas Eve with my cousins and headed over to Sav's house where Jason Johnson, JT, and Nadia were drinking and chilling.
Jason and Nadia were drinking (yes, she drank...well she doesnt usually drink, but since it was christmas eve, the heffer decided to drink a lil sum'in sum'in) and were getting amped with who could do the 'dougie' dance

Nadia loses in this video without a doubt, but she is so fuckin marvelously hilarious she wins with the overall entertainment value. the single ladies dance was totally uncalled for, but its mint!

If you guys find Nadia familiar, you may recall her as the lead girl in the Mario "Let me love you" video, or Drake's 'Replacement Girl' video, shes also an aspiring singer, she be, nah Im playing shes sickwidit! Ill blog her for you guys soon enough...well whenever she decides to drop some work worth hearing...YOU CANT JUST RELY ON YOUR LOOKS NADIA! these songs are going to sing themselves! So stop pouting and making cute faces and doing wack dance offs and do something productive with your life...Theres a better chance of me singing the cancellation contract for our friendship then you signing a contract with a record company at this moment! lmfao
Im playing!
Hugs? lol

...and you already know you still get me a hook up when the BB Bold comes out on Telus...? Is Telus getting the BB Magnum? I still have 2 years on my contract bro! lol

Anyways, thanks to the 4 of you guys for one of the best christmas eve's Ive had in a long time.
Much love to you guys.

*hugs? lmao


Anonymous said...

She's pretty, like really pretty

Jason R Johnson said...


hustleGRL said...

LOL @ Jason's dougie.

Breezi F said...

Nadia killed the dougie dance, thats obvioulsy her shit lol!