Friday, January 2, 2009

B.A.H. (Bored As Hell)

Im gonna write a new post in a few moments...

I have this bad tendency to stare at the mirror...not that I think Im hot stuff or
I just do...I just find my facial expressions so entertaining and interesting...I like working on my animated-ness...
Its an odd thing...but its ok...Ill admit it...I mean who doesnt talk to themselves in the're lying if you say dont.

So I decided to take a picture of myself in my closet mirror...sorry my rooms a mess.

Below is a picture of my favorite comedy comic strip series ever!!!
Calvin and Hobbes!
They are the fuckin shit! Its nothing like Garfield or ... anything else you get in the papers. Its a discontinued comic series.
Quick breakdown, Calvin is a 6 year old boy with the craziest imagination you'll ever meet (if he were real) and he's a fricking genius. Hobbes is the tiger...except, hes a stuffed animal in reality. But Calvin thinks hes real. Hobbes loves tuna, but Calvin hates tuna, but the tuna is always missing, and when his mom asks him who ate it all he'll say like 'I dont know, dont look at me, you know Hobbes loves tuna!' ...but Hobbes isnt real...
If Calvin was real...he'd need a psychiatrist...but lets suspend reality for a bit and find the humor in all this...I totally recommend it to...everyone? lol
Even if you dont like comics, you'll love this.
Umm...this is the yearbook cover that Jason R. Johnson and I worked on together back in Grade 8. lol...he drew the eagle and the lame bubble lettering belongs to me. lol You'll see our names at the bottom on the cover.
This is my latest comic book purchase, All Star Batman and Robin, Boy Wonder...I dont like buying single issue comics...cuz I hate looking at all the advertisements and I hate being left there hanging and having to wait til next month to find out what happens. So I just usually wait for them to get published in Trade Paperbacks and get them then.

I dont care if he aint got no super powers, he's still the grimiest superhero of all time.

And yea, Im a Some people smoke weed and drink when theyre bored...I read comics. lol


Anonymous said...

So this was it huh... i told you i'd read it when i got home! I love Batman!

The Definition said...

Never knew what it was called. First thought, hey its the little boy thats pissin on everybody's back window [i know you've seen the stick]. Hobbes, lol funny name for a stuffed animal/tiger.

Chilly Willy said...

well calvins named is based on John Calvin - a 16th century french reformation theologian and hobbes is based on Thomas Hobbes, the 17th century english political philosopher.

So calvin displays a lot of optimism, imagination and positivity...while Hobbes is the opposite, thinking very negatively and

Theyre quite the interesting pair of characters to read about.

It doesnt have any adult content, but the jokes are bit more sophisticated for a kid in elementary school to grasp. lol

But Ive been reading these strips since I was in grade 5...I didnt even really understand them until I re-read them in my later high school years.

and yes, I know what stickers your talking about...thats what everyone says when I tell them about Calvin and Hobbes. lol

The Definition said...

So one could say its a representation of what the two would be like if they were friends? If yes, I can dig that. I'm pickin up what you're puttin down Will. lol

Chilly Willy said...

I guess we can say that.
Theyre frickin hilarious though.

But I mean, theyre not exactly like John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes...just some borrowing of characteristics is all.

But it serves up some good ass laughs.

T-Maine said...

Calvin n Hobbes is the shit!!!

Whoever doesn't know about these two....well, you missed the ship of hilariousness to ever grace a comic strip.

Funny story, well....not really funny, it is too me anyway. When I first read that comic strip, Calvin was always saying "C'mon Hobbes."

I always read that as "See-Mon" Hobbes. LMAO!! I missed the entire joke or whatever he was talking about at the time, because I was like, "WTF is See-Mon Hobbes?"

Hahaha......oh shit, good times.

Alizé said...

Calvin & Hobbes is the TRUTH!!! I own them all lol!!

Jason R Johnson said...

That Middle School Cover is a throw back I can't believe you still have it... Collab of the year!