Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sorry, I know I havent written anything deep and meaningful in the last few days...
Ive been mad busy...I havent been home too much in the last few days to really sit down and do any real thinking.

But the last week has been absolutely amazing.
The most peace Ive found in a long time...

I cant get into too much details with whats been going on...but you can imagine what its about.

Im shooting the Remix graduation pictures tomorrow at the new studio at Remix.
The T-Pain/ Lil Wayne concert is on Thursday...which I still dont know if Ill be there for yet...I dont remember what Im doing this weekend, but Remix along with 3 buses full of people will be leaving for Washington DC on Monday to make it for Obama's inauguration.

Ummm...sorry, I dont really have much to write about thats exciting. Well, I lied, theres a lot to write about it, just not what I particularly want to blog about. lol.

Ill tell you guys about it...one day.

And yes yes I know, I owe you guys like a million posts...Ill write them soon...its just so hard to find time to sit down and write for like 2-3 hours. lol (2-3 hrs because I have A.D.D...well not really but I might as well).

Off to bed for me, I have a lot to do tmr.

Tty guys soon.

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Crystal said...

Feeling philosophical...

Don't force what you're not ready to sit down and do. You might be doing yourself, and us, a great disservice.

Patience is walking slowly. We'll wait for you to get here.

Later Will.