Thursday, January 8, 2009


We was all chilling at Addy's crib last night...

Ill give you guys the inside scoop and full details later...

But listen to this, these guys were going in.

Introducing Rich Kidd (produced Comeback Season and The Last Hope for Drake and a crapload of others), Junia-T (of the Smash Brovas), Sinotra (from the Remix Project), Jack Flawless (from inqmnd) and Vince Garcia (my barber @ Mens Studio) on the beat!

This shit is serious!

ps. if theres a problem loading my blog its because Im dropping a new layout and adding hosting and what guys may experience some downtime on and off until Saturday around 4am...sorry guys. add the blogspot before the .com ... it'll still run off that.


him too said...

that. is. fucking. ridiculous.




I love hip-hop again.




I'm grinning ear to ear like a fucking deranged zombie.


All these guys are a FUCKING PROBLEM...

yo and respect to vince. doggy's mouth and lungs musta been bust after that (no roro)


Amanda said...

Definitely agree with this guy above ^^^
But I'm feeling the guy with the scarf on his head he is definitely a problem...
..But they all was really good

Chilly Willy said...

dude in the scarf is Sinotra...stupid wid it!

Natalie said...

Wow Sinotra is sick wit it... Sick freestyle all around

Tasha said...

Sinatra's flow .. too lethal.. sleep with your eyes open.. cuz this dude is on the late night come up! ... wow is all i have to say


freefree said...


Anonymous said...

Thi is the reason i love hip hop. i mean really really love hip hop. fuck if hip hop never sold a record, never made it to mtv, never made it past the turn table i could live on this alone. canada stand up cause ya'll doing it. ...... five minutes later still buggin i love it

Jai. said...

I love Black people. That's all I have to say. lol damn.

jaey said...

that was amazin!!

my heart hasnt felt like that in a long time!!

Maяіa .:* said...


I saw this post and was on a ridiculous grind this week, just got back from a getaway to Cabo, had to go into work less than 2 hours from getting off the plane and saw that the video was 10 mins, but kept telling myself I didn’t have time to take it in – BUT I JUST DID!...Sinotra’s flow is SICK!!! I’ll admit, I replayed this like 10 times to try and write it down! LOL!


Sometimes I hate it that I’m a late 80’s baby, because I didn’t get to hear all the goods from back in the day, but being able to take them in NOW makes me appreciate them even more!

Hearing this reminded me of when I fell in love with hip hop and I can honestly say the song that got me hooked was I Used To Love H.E.R. Upon the first time I heard it, the song meant a little more than ear candy with a nice beat, and a cute red boy spittin – lol!

I fell in love with HIP HOP and still love (and hate) it for the same reason: HIP HOP gives a voice to the otherwise unheard. Daily that voice resonates loudly and clearly. How artists choose to use that voice? Well that's a whole other topic all together...

THIS is Toronto baby! We go HARD!

1 Freakin' ♥ T.O.!!!!

tilt said...

that was dope.... and that was the first time I heard Sinotra spit and he's dope... tell him to send me some of his stuff!! Lance was telling me about addy's place as 28 days... sick shit.

TORONTO! watch out 2009